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Arul Dhesiaseelan's Java 7+ Explorations

Posted by editor on October 26, 2010 at 3:25 AM PDT

I learned about today's lead Java Today entry (Lambdas in Java, Plan B in action) when its author, Arul Dhesiaseelan, contacted me by email. Turns out, Arul had tried to get my attention several times in the past few weeks, as he's been investigating Java 7/8 progress. (Unfortunately, I've been unavailable, or less than normally available, during that time period, due to illness. I'm well on my way back now!)

In addition to Lambdas in Java, Plan B in action, Arul recently posted Introducing Try With Resources, can project Coin become crown jewel of Java 7? and Rest of Project Coin explored, advantage Java 7.

If you're interested in what's going to be in Java 7, and especially in the features that are making their way into the latest Java 7 builds -- enabling you to try them out now -- you'll want to take a look at Arul's Java 7 series.

For example, in the Try With Resources, Arul looks at the benefits of what was formerly known as Automatic Resource Management and demonstrates how it will work using example code.

The Rest of Project Coin explored, advantage Java 7 post covers:

In his latest post, Lambdas in Java, Plan B in action, Arul refers to new Lambda draft proposal that Brian Goetz published two weeks ago. As in the other posts, Arul demonstrates how Lambda/closures will be implemented using code examples. Of course, Project Lambda will not be part of Java 7. But it's still useful to see what's being talked about implemented in code.

If you'd like to follow Arul's investigations, you can subscribe to his blog (Blogging at the speed of thought) and/or follow him on Twitter (@aruld). The six-person company he works for, Flux Corporation, develops the Flux job scheduling software, which is making inroads versus the "big boys" in the London financial sector and elsewhere. They "develop, support, and license Flux from our offices on Earth," and they also have great fun at company picnics!

Arul Dhesiaseelan (bottom right?) and the rest of the Flux team at a recent company picnic

Java Today

Arul Dhesiaseelan analyzes Lambdas in Java, Plan B in action:

Recently, Brian Goetz published modified draft of the Lambda proposal. This draft is mature in terms of the direction where Lambda is heading for in the Java world and introduces some breaking changes from earlier draft to align with this direction. While there are few things that need to be sorted out, this draft is simple to understand, unlike the earlier proposals we have seen. Last week, Maurizio pushed an updated prototype that aligns with this new draft...

Former Editor Chris Adamson provides some well-informed perspective on Apple's deprecating its Java for Mac OS X in shoes[1].drop(); -

I’m late to the party blogging about Apple deprecating its Java for Mac OS X, with particularly good posts up from Matt Drance and Lachlan O’Dea. And I’ve already posted a lot of counterpoints on the Java Posse’s Google group (see here, here, and here). So let me lead with the latest: there’s now a petition calling on Apple to contribute its Mac Java sources to OpenJDK. This won’t work, for at least four reasons I can think of: * Petitions never work. * Apple doesn’t listen...

Considering opportunities opened up by Apple's Java deprecation announcement, Adam Bien speculates on JDK / Java 7 on Mac OS X Lion - An Interesting Business Opportunity:

Would you pay for JDK 7 on Mac OS X? Mac OS X users are spending money for useful tools, editors and productivity extensions. Spending 20-50$ for a nice, easy to install JDK 7 port is a compelling idea (with several hundred thousands potential customers). The business model would be very similar to Linux-distributions...

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart announces FishCAT is Back - Now for GlassFish 3.1:

We are starting the
FishCAT program for GlassFish 3.1. Last go around FishCAT was
extremely useful under the leadership of
Judy is now in a different group at Oracle and no longer can help lead the project for 3.1,
but most of the
Team Members
are still around and Richard and Manfred have graciously offered to lead the 3.1 effort
acting as his Oracle contact...


Our latest Spotlight is the OTN's Video: Stephan Janssen on Devoxx:

Stephan Janssen, Devoxx founder, provides an overview of Devoxx 2010 in this video made exclusively for the Oracle Technology Network. As in previous years, Stephan and team have provided all the ingredients of a great Java conference for 2010. There will be lots of Oracle participation, including keynotes, sessions and BOFs. Highlights include keynotes by Mark Reinhold (Java SE: The Road Ahead), and Roberto Chinnici...

We're also highlighting the DEVOXX Supporting JUGs page:

67 Java User Groups have registered as supporting DEVOXX this year. The Java User Groups Community notes that the "official" annual Java User Group leaders networking BOF at DEVOXX is scheduled for November 18 at 20:00.


Our current poll asks What does the announced deprecation of Java from Mac OS X mean for the future of Java on Mac platforms? Voting will be open through next Monday.

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-- Kevin Farnham

Twitter: @kevin_farnham


Hi Kevin, Guessed it right.

Hi Kevin,

Guessed it right. Get well soon. Thanks for the excellent writeup.


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Yay! It was like a puzzle figuring out which one was you. I was hoping you'd confirm for me!

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Get well Kevin!


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Hi Gili. Thanks for the get well wishes. I'm lucky, and very happy, to still be here!