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Posted by mikevegap on November 12, 2010 at 10:57 AM PST

Hi, this post will try to guide you to develope an BlackBerry+LWUIT easy sample using Netbeans 6.9.

I was looking for a simple step by step guide to do it, but i found that many resources were removed, making the learning a little hard. But here i present a very simple and functional tutorial about this, enjoy it...

1. Download the JDE versions, I recommend 4.7.x (for Storm support).

2. Download Netbeans 6.9.

3. Download and install the Netbeans BlackBerry Plugin from:

4. Download BB AnT Tools, make sure you are using Ant 1.7 or higher.

This will provide support for tasks like:

  • rapc
  • sigtool
  • alx
  • jadtool

5.Unzip and copy the file "bb-ant-tools.jar" to the ${Netbeans-home}/java/ant/lib directory.

6.Fetch the LWUIT sources from SVN and open the BlackBerryPort project.

Clean & Build

the project (notice that you MUST clean & build, a plain build will often fail since the RIM port needs to replace some classes from LWUIT).

Remove: file from the LWUIT MIDP source code and clean & build.
7.1. This is important, because, Blackberry doesn't support M3G classes.

7.2. Or if don't want to remove that file, try to look for preverify task, then you can do a bit of testing and ensure that it doesnt preverify the library. Netbeans ant plugin is a pretty simple setup and you can change it which ever way you want to.

8. Clean & Build the BlackberryPort (BlackberryPort is within the LWUIT source code, both LWUIT and BlackberryPort are netbeans projects).
9. Download helloLwuit demo project (this is copy with a little variation of the file provided by
Steve Zhang's blog).


Try it...

To know more about the ANT build files, review the references.





Hi... Miguel...
Your arcticle is very helpful for me to learn. Would you mind sharing the whole Netbeans project for this article. Although, I have follow your instruction, I am still facing problem during clean and build for the prerequisite file. (point 6 and 8). Thanks a lot for your kind assistance.