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Excited about cite

Posted by mkarg on November 13, 2010 at 3:59 AM PST

There are times in career when you get excited about having an experience for the first time. I well remember how I got excited about seeing my first self-coded shell node popping up in the Windows Explorer (a.k.a custom shell namespace). A bit of excitement I noticed seeing my first reader's comment printed in iX. And I was really excited about receiving my first printed articles in JavaMagazin and iX. Or when published my first online article on their well-known site. I really got excited when I was asked by the JAX management to speak there, which was an honour back then in the first days of that conference. I got excited when I got told that I was nominated as the CEO for an affiliate. And certainly I was excited when I was awarded the "GAP" (GlassFish Community Award).

So today once again was one of these days when I got excited about a new experience. This time, it was about someone citing and discussing a blog article of mine (Even when it was just in a blog rollup. Hey, they picked up MY blog entry for that!). And it was not just someone. It was JavaWorld. So I not only was excited, but also proud. A bit, at least.

While obviously all of these is nothing compared to being nominated for an Oscar(R) or a Nobel Prize, it actually is really fun to see myself getting excited still. Ain't this part of that abstract idea of "worth living for"? I do think so. Excitement drives live (at least mine) and development of people, companies, products and markets. So I do hope that I will get excited again soon. Let's see what comes next. :-)

Regards, Markus.

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