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Poll Result: Most Consider the OpenJDK for Mac OS Announcement Great News

Posted by editor on November 22, 2010 at 4:35 PM PST

A majority of people who voted in last week's poll consider the Oracle and Apple Announcement regarding an OpenJDK Project for Mac OS X to be "great news" both for Java and for the OpenJDK. A total of 284 votes were cast, with the following results:

What's your view of the OpenJDK for Mac OS announcement?

  • 56% (159 votes) - It's great news for Java and for the OpenJDK
  • 22% (63 votes) - It's good news
  • 7% (19 votes) - I'm surprised by this news
  • 4% (11 votes) - I doubt this can work
  • 7% (20 votes) - Who cares?
  • 3% (9 votes) - I don't know
  • 1% (3 votes) - Other

Combining the first two options, 78% of the voters consider the announcement good or great news. Only 4% have doubts about whether development of Java for Mac OS within the OpenJDK project can work. Some of the 7% who selected "I'm surprised by this news" might harbor doubts as well.

To me, this announced plan seems uncharacteristic of Apple, which famously enshrouds its proprietary property in a veil of secrecy. Will it be possible to develop an efficient Java for Mac OS without a detailed blueprint of low-level Mac OS features and functionality? Or is Apple going to provide the necessary information to the OpenJDK project? Or, perhaps I am just exhibiting my lack of awareness about Mac OS development (I've never developed on the Mac platform), and everything needed to develop Java for Mac OS is already publicly available?

Anyway, a few of us may have some doubts about this, but a large majority of our poll voters were clearly pleased to hear the OpenJDK / Mac OS news.

New poll: pace of Java 7 / Java 8 development

The future of Java as represented by Java 7 and Java 8 has gotten a lot clearer in the past few months. We now have a JDK 7 schedule, and Mark Reinhold submitted A JSR Quartet to the JCP. To me, it feels like a lot is suddenly happening.

So, our new poll asks for your view on all this. Specifically, the poll asks What do you think about the current pace of Java 7 / Java 8 development? Voting will be open for the next week.

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Michael K