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U.S. Holiday Doesn't Stop Rest of the World from Making News

Posted by editor on November 26, 2010 at 12:49 PM PST

Earlier this week, some people who don't happen to live in the United States were tweeting reminders that for them this isn't a holiday weekend, that they'll be working just like normal on Thursday and Friday. And work they did, creating more newsworthy items than I can fit in today's Java Today section.

For those who don't know what the U.S. holiday this weekend is, it's Thanksgiving. The actual holiday was Thursday, but most people take Friday off as well. I celebrated in the traditional way, a family gathering centered around a turkey dinner and American football...

Anyway, the home page doesn't pause for U.S. holidays, or any country's holidays. And today, when I scrolled through all the blogs and sites I follow, there was a lot of interesting news. In addition to what's on today's home page, the following items caught my interest:

Actually, if I'm not mistaken, Alexis was one of the people who tweeted about the U.S. holiday... Yep, there it is, on the 24th:

Dear US colleagues, thank you all for the numerous vacation messages but I'll be working for the rest of the week :)

Thanks to Alexis and all of our non-U.S. friends for continuing to press forward while we in the U.S. were/are celebrating, partying, and relaxing! :)

Java Today

Markus Eisele presents some Thoughts on Java's pace - will kairons decide about the future?

Kevin asks in his recent poll what do you think about the current pace of Java 7 / Java 8 development? It's not finished today and only 163 votes were given, but I'll try to explain what I think about the past, pace and what should happen in the future. the past - of Java...

Terrence Barr announces that the latest benchmark testing shows that Java SE Embedded performance leaves Android in the dust:

The latest release of Java SE Embedded 6 u21 contains some pretty significant performance enhancements, resulting in up to 3.2x performance over the latest Android 2.2 release on the same hardware. Check out the detailed benchmarking done by Bob Vandette. Note that the benchmarks used aren’t even exercising parallel scalability yet...

Jean-Francois Arcand presents Friday