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Poll Result: Little Consensus on Current Pace of Java 7 / Java 8 Development

Posted by editor on November 29, 2010 at 4:16 PM PST

This past week's poll suggests that there is little agreement on the current pace of Java 7 / Java 8 development. At least, that's the case among the 239 people who chose to cast a vote. The exact poll question and results were:

What do you think about the current pace of Java 7 / Java 8 development?

  • 16% (38 votes) - The pace is accelerating, and that's great
  • 30% (71 votes) - A lot of time was lost, but we're back on track now
  • 20% (48 votes) - As usual, we're creeping forward
  • 25% (60 votes) - Critical updates to Java are happening way too slowly
  • 2% (4 votes) - Other
  • 8% (18 votes) - I don't know

I suppose that if you try to stretch reality a bit, you could call all of the first three options "positive" and say that a solid 66% majority thinks the current pace of Java development is no worse than it has been historically. But, my guess is that a lot of people who selected "As usual, we're creeping forward" weren't trying to express satisfaction with the current state of affairs.

You could also easily group "As usual, we're creeping forward" with "Critical updates to Java are happening way too slowly" and say that almost half of the voters expressed some or considerable displeasure with the current pace of Java development. Then, grouping the first two options, 46% of the voters are pleased with the current pace, while 45% are not.

One way to look at it is -- as of a year ago, no one really knew if there would be a "pace" of Java 7 development at all in November 2010; the uncertainties induced by the Oracle acquisition of Sun were immense at that time, and no details about Oracle's plans for Java could legally be made public.

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Mark Reinhold recently pointed out that he, Joe Darcy and Brian Goetz had submitted their OpenJDK work on features for JDK7 and JDK8 to the JCP for standardization. Normally I am somewhat sceptical about the JCP. I don