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Istanbul Java User Group Serves Up Free Java Courses

Posted by editor on December 1, 2010 at 1:42 PM PST

The Istanbul Java User Group is pioneering a new approach to serving its community: the JUG is offering a series of free Java courses, offered over four consecutive Saturdays. The first course, titled "What is Eclipse?", took place this past Saturday, November 27.

Istanbul JUG leader Taner Diler described the courses as follows:

"We plan to give lessons as a session. And each lesson is like a preparation for the next lesson. So there is an obligation for students to keep continue lessons. We will give a digitial certificate to participants."

Here's a brief summary of each of the four sessions:

  • "What is Eclipse?" - Eclipse architecture, usage, plugins, and more. Instructor: Muharrem Taç, an Istanbul JUG member who currently works at M2 Bilişim.
  • "Intermediate Java" - OOP, polymorphism, inner and anonymous classes, generic types, annotations. Instructor: Taner Diler, Istanbul JUG leader and vice president of the society of Java Technologies and Programmers.
  • "JSF - Spring - JPA" - JSF LifeCycle, Managed Beans, Facelets, Spring, IOC, AOP, Persistence, JPA. Instructor: Mustafa Daşgın, who currently is involved with primefaces technologies.
  • "Apache Wicket - Ajax - Spring" - Ajax development, html and DOM structure, Apache Wicket development, Wicket and Spring integration, Wicket/Spring/JPA. Instructor: Altuğ Bilgin Altıntaş, founding president of the Java Technology and the Association of Programmers (also known Istanbul JUG), and currently a consultant with Toyota.

The offer of the four-week, 20-hour course package has already drawn more than 250 registrants. Visit the Free Self Improvement Courses from Istanbul JUG page for more details.

If you're a Java User Group leader and you're interested in talking with other JUG leaders about organizing JUG activities like the Istanbul JUG's free course offerings, consider joining the Java User Groups community.

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