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Leonardo needs a server side engineer

Posted by joshy on December 7, 2010 at 7:46 PM PST

We are making progress on the next release of Leonardo, an open source desktop Java drawing program. One of the key features scheduled for the next release is a webservice that lets users save and share reusable symbols they've created. For example, someone could create a set of GWT mockup widgets, then share this set with others.

The challenge I face is that I'm mainly a client side developer. I could write a basic webservice that would persist the symbols, but I wouldn't necessarily build it the right one. To be a good service you need to handle failures, spamming, load and concurrency issues, and more. I'd also like to let users log in with OpenID rather than creating yet another username and password, which adds more complexity.

So, I'm posting here looking for an engineer or two who'd like to work on such a service for Leonardo. I'm open to building the service in anything: JavaEE, plain servlets, JRuby, Jython, or even CouchDB. All that matters to the client is speed and features. If you are interested in helping out, please comment on my blog here and I'll get in touch with you.





Leonardo needs a server side


I have experience developing cloud services. Seems like this would be a fun challenge. Please get in touch - juliano at logicstyle dot com

Leonardo needs a server side

Hi Josh, some of the things you mention there won't be cheap to host/run (esp Java hosting), have you got a kindly sponsor or some revenue stream in mind?
Is this intended to sell Leonardo to developers? it seems tangentially connected to the library itself. Is there a need for developers sharing image libs, widget mockups etc.. or will they stick with Balsamiq Mockups etc.. Not simply trying to rain on your parade. But a good site should communicate with its users and this seems a little erm, vague at the moment - especially if monies are going to be spent.
Might be worth tweeting @zambonini and asking him about his app which sprang to mind when I read your post.

Leonardo needs a server side

Hi Osbald. This will be run from a server I already have. It's not likely to load the server too much, and if it does.. well, that's a problem I'd *like* to have. :)
I am not selling anything to Leonardo users. It's simply a service for users of the app. I think you may be confused with Amino, which is the UI toolkit library that Leo is built on. This is just part of Leo, not Amino.

Hi Josh, I've been keeping an

Hi Josh,
I've been keeping an eye on Leonardo since you announced it, and I've been hoping to make a contribution. I would love to help out on some server side engineering. Please get in touch -- phil at filsa dot net

Leonardo needs a server side

Josh, I have some backend experience but I'm not an expert. However, I'd like to work on the webservice partly to further cement what I'm learning about RESTful interfaces.
I can give you 8 hours a week. I hope that's not too little. I've many other interests so I don't want to promise more hours.
I've some questions about the features the front end will need from the service. You can contact me at bong at

Leonardo needs a server side

Please contact me, I am a backend software engineer and I am interested in helping you.