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Juggy Helps Close Out JavaOne Brazil; Will He Also Make JavaOne Beijing?

Posted by editor on December 12, 2010 at 1:55 PM PST

JavaOne Brazil wrapped up this past Thursday, and JavaOne Beijing opens on Monday. Quite a schedule! I doubt many people are attending both conferences; but I have a feeling that at least one Sao Paulo attendee (who has at least some international "fame") will also be showing up in Beijing...

Arun Gupta, who attended JavaOne Brazil, did a great job of documenting his experience at the conference, posting four entries to his blog. In the last of these, "JavaOne Brazil 2010 - Day 3 Slides + Pics + Special Guest ;-)", Arun writes not only about the sessions and their content, but also about the surprising reaction of a particular conference personality who attended Arun's Servlets 3.0 - Asynchronous, Extensibility, Ease-of-use presentation:

This particular session turned to be slightly comical as Juggy, the mascot of JUGs, showed keen interest in the technology. He got super excited any time code was shown on the screen and has a particular liking towards NetBeans. He kept the audience entertained by asking really useful questions and surprised me on how quickly was able to grasp the concepts. Another effect of having Juggy in the session was the bloated attendance of 350+ for this particular session, thank you Juggy for making the session very interesting!

Meanwhile, Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine has just arrived in Beijing, China (I know for certain that he did not attend JavaOne Brazil, from his @alexismp Twitter feed). Alexis has posted some pictures in his latest blog post, Some photos ahead of JavaOne Beijing. Alexis writes:

So I've made it to Beijing, checked in the hotel, walked around the Olympic stadiums and had the privilege to be taken out to diner to a famous roasted duck restaurant. Since there is no twitter here, here are some pictures (more with local "signs" in another post, they're quite funny, inspirational or just really surprising).

Alexis says:

Tomorrow is going to be the first very busy day with multiple rehearsals and a first presentation for Java licensees.

So, Juggy, are you on your way to Beijing so you can lend Alexis a hand, just like you helped out Arun in Sao Paulo? We hope so!

Java Today

Dalibor Topic talks about Retiring JDK Source Code Bundles Under JRL:

A long, long time ago, in 2003, way back in time before OpenJDK even existed, Sun Microsystems created a license named JRL (Java Research License), which was used to publish source code for JDK 5, JDK 6 and JDK 7 for a couple of years. While the JRL is not an open source license, some people initially experimented with the code before OpenJDK arrived on stage, but it never took off as a means to build a large developer community around the JDK code base...

Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine writes about the new GlassFish Virtualization Prototype:

In the GlassFish team, not only do we like prototypes, we also like to share them to gather feedback. More than three years ago, we shared this first GlassFish V3 modularity screencast. This was more than a year before we shipped GlassFish "Prelude" and there was no OSGi at the time in the product (and we were still using CVS!). This time...

Bruno Kinoshita announces Article about TestLink and Hudson integration published:

Since September I’ve been working on a project to integrate TestLink and Hudson. The project consists basically in a Hudson Plug-in that uses TestLink Java API to retrieve information of Automated Test Cases created in TestLink. You can read more about the plug-in in the following address:

The Duchess blog announces the upcoming Duchess BOF at Jfocus 2011

Duchess will organize a BOF at Jfokus in Stockholm Sweden. The topic will be the roll of women in Java and IT in general. More info...


Our new Spotlight is Markus Eisele's Who is afraid of Java EE 6? Get rid of your fears!

Believe it or not. From time to time I get the chance to make a proposal for a technology stack to use. And it happened recently, that I did this. And after following my post about choosing the right Java EE version I dediced to make a proposel for using Java EE 6 with GlassFish 3.0.1. And this proposal finally raised my awareness about possible risks, people could remark being confronted with such a decision. Here is how you could address them...

We're also still featuring Janice J. Heiss's interview with Java Champion Matjaz B. Juric on Cloud Computing, SOA, and Java EE 6:

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