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Chennai JUG Meeting Features Presentation on Eclipse UOMo Project

Posted by editor on December 15, 2010 at 11:03 AM PST

At their last meeting, the members of Java User Group - Chennai (India) were treated to a presentation on the Eclipse UOMo project, given by Werner Keil. Veera Sundar was present at the meeting, and he posted a blog ("Java user Group meeting at Chennai") summarizing the event. Veera also embedded Werner's 41-slide presentation into his post.

Veera Sundar

Veera writes:

There was some decent crowd – about 15 people and most of them were students. Initially, Rajmahendra, the organizer, talked about the history of JUG, JCPs and an interesting project named “WeaverFX“. And then joined our guest presenter Werner Keil who gave us a talk on UCUM and Eclipse UoMo.

The aim of Eclipse UOMo is to develop Java packages that apply unit standards, such as the Unified Code for Units of Measure (UCUM). UCUM is:

a code system intended to include all units of measures being contemporarily used in international science, engineering, and business. The purpose is to facilitate unambiguous electronic communication of quantities together with their units. The focus is on electronic communication, as opposed to communication between humans. A typical application of The Unified Code for Units of Measure are electronic data interchange (EDI) protocols, but there is nothing that prevents it from being used in other types of machine communication.

The UOMo project would implement unit standards in Java, facilitating incorporation of the standards into Java applications:

The goal of Project UOMo is to combine what OHF UCUM archieved plus generic Units of Measure support in the spirit of OSGi Measurement, JSR-256 or UCAR/JSR-108 adding Static Type Safety like "Smart" Data or JScience/JSR-275.

UOMo stands for, home to UCUM or, hosting the Units of Measurement API. Uomo also means "man" or "human" in Italian.

If you doubt the importance of this, consider slides 5 and 6 from Werner's presentation. Werner asks "What do these disasters have in common?"

  • Patriot Missile - The cause was an inaccurate calculation of the time since boot due to a computer arithmetic error.
  • Ariane 5 Explosion - The floating point number which a value was converted from had a value greater than what would be represented by a 16 bit signed integer.
  • Mars Orbiter - Preliminary findings indicate that one team used English units (e.g. inches, feet and pounds) while the other used metric units for a key spacecraft operation.

This is just one example of the interesting JUG meetings that happen around the world every month -- or, in fact, every week.

Veera sums up the meeting as:

A time well-spent on a Saturday.

I'm sure it was, and I thank Veera for taking the time to post "Java user Group meeting at Chennai" so we could all participate in the event (though from afar).

If your JUG has recently had an interesting meeting, and you or someone else has written about the meeting, or published the presentation slides, let me know, and I'll inform our audience about it.

Java Today

Geertjan Wielenga posts Great Wall from JavaOne Beijing, China:

Guess what, I'm in China, at JavaOne in Beijing. Visited the Forbidden City, among other things, as well as the Great Wall... Oh yeah, also hanging out at the NetBeans booth at the conference. Listening to Adam Bien right now, it's great to be here...

Joseph D. Darcy announces Project Coin: Minty Fresh Libraries -

The JDK 7 build has been using -source 7 for some time, but to date use of new language features has been informal and incidental. Supporting Project Coin and JSR 334, Stuart Marks will be leading a "minting" exercise over the JDK code base to systematically update the JDK libraries to take advantage of the Project Coin language features. Efforts will be focused on the src and test portions of the jdk repository of the JDK 7 forest. The first features to be rolled into the code will be diamond and strings in switch...

Veera Sundar reports on this month's Java user Group meeting at Chennai:

There’s a Java User Group at Chennai and every month they organize a meetup to discuss Java. I was happy to join this month meeting on last Saturday which happened at OrangeScape Technologies, Tidel Park. Hope you all know about Tidel Park from my earlier photos in flickr. I have always wanted to see inside this majestic building but never got a chance to do so. Anyway, last Saturday I set my foot for the first time inside Tidel Park (let the drums roll! ...

Manuel K


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