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Vitor Souza at JUG Trento (Italy): What's New in Java EE 6

Posted by editor on December 22, 2010 at 8:28 PM PST

Vitor Souza, one of the coordinators of Espírito Santo JUG in Brazil, gave a three-part presentation earlier this year at JUG Trento (Italy) on what's new in Java EE 6. Vitor currently lives in Trento, and he's been participating actively as a member of their Java community.

When Vitor gave his presentations, they were videotaped by members of JUG Trento. Vitor pointed me to the links listed below (these links will bring you to pages where an automatic download of an MPEG file will commence):

If your Java User Group has published content related to presentations given at your JUG meetings, that you think is of value to the broader Java community, let me know. I'm always looking for interesting news related to Java User Group activities!

Java Today

Joseph Darcy talks about the New javac warning for setting an older source without bootclasspath:

To use javac from JDK N to cross-compiler to an older platform version, the correct practice is to: * Use the older -source setting. * Set the bootclasspath to compile against the rt.jar (or equivalent) for the older platform. If the second step is not taken, javac will dutifully use the old language rules combined with new libraries...

Shai Almog announces LWUIT Resource Editor Tutorial Part 7: Localization And Internationalization -

In this part of the resource editor tutorial I cover how a user can localize a LWUIT application especially one built with the UI builder but generally this logic can be applied to any application. I also show off some new UI builder features for localization. Specifically...

GlassFish Podcast "Episode #071 - Java EE 7 discussion with Roberto Chinnici" has been published.

Arun Gupta presents TOTD #152: GlassFish Installer - Typical and Custom installation -

I typically install GlassFish by downloading the latest promoted zip and unzipping and that works most of the times. Did you know that the GlassFish Open Source Edition also comes with a fancy installer built using Open Installer ? Actually each GlassFish 3.1 promoted build comes with the following files...


Our latest Spotlight is the developerWorks article Java concurrency bug patterns for multicore systems:

By studying concurrency bug patterns, you both increase your general awareness of concurrency programming and learn to recognize coding idioms that don't, or might not, work. In this article, authors Zhi Da Luo, Yarden Nir-Buchbinder, and Raja Das unpack six lesser-known concurrency bugs that threaten the thread-safety and performance of Java™ applications running on multicore systems...

We're also featuring the SIP Communicator project announcement from the Java Communications Community, "Jingle Bells!!!"

After many months of hard work SIP Communicator becomes the first open source project to offer support for XMPP Jingle on Windows, Linux, and Mac. This includes video calls, conferences, call transfers, call recording and basically all the features that we’ve already had with SIP. So go ahead and start using that Jabber/GMail account for something more than just texting...


Our current poll asks How many hand-held devices that are Java-powered or can run Java applications have you purchased in the past year? Voting will be open until Monday.

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