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New Leonardo Sketch Release: Ruby Red Remixed

Posted by editor on January 2, 2011 at 11:03 AM PST

Josh Marinacci has announced that a new version of Leonardo Sketch is now available: Ruby Red Remixed. Leonardo is:

an open source vector drawing program named after the 15th century painter, but aimed for the 21st century user. It focuses on common tasks like mockups, prototyping, quick vector sketches, and presentations with a clean and consistent user interface. Leo is designed to be augmented by internet webservices and plugins created in several scripting languages.

Ruby Red Remixed is an interim release along the path to the next major Leonardo release, Glowing Green. The release was pushed out to make the recent progress on the Leonardo platform available to the community, within the context of a formal, stable version. Ruby Red Revisited includes "tons of bug fixes," as well as many significant new features.

Key new features include:

  • Infinite Canvas: The canvas will automatically grow as you add new objects to your drawing, even if they are beyond the edges of the document. Never run out of space again.
  • Draggable guidelines: create guidelines by dragging them out from the ruler. Objects will snap to them automatically.
  • Flickr upload support: Now you can upload your creations directly to Flickr as well as Twitter.
  • Improved SVG Import: Lots of Illustrator symbols can be imported now by exporting them as SVG from Illustrator.
  • New Rectangle UI: set rectangle corner radius and gradients directly with handles instead of with a palette. Much easier to use.
  • Improved translations, including Japanese. Edit or create new translations easily using the debug menu in the preferences.

See Ruby Red Remixed for more details on the latest release, and visit the Leonardo Sketch home page for additional information about Leonardo, the underpinning Amino library, and more.

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