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Migration Update

Posted by communitymanager on January 18, 2011 at 8:44 AM PST

At long last, an update. 

I haven't said anything in a while, because there hasn't been much to say.  Work is happening.  About 400 projects have now been moved over to the new site, and my email client is currently choking on sending the next batch of notifications to project owners.  I expect to get them all out by the end of today.

Expect the Collab forge to start looking like a ghost town over the next couple of weeks. 

Some projects are being locked for migration this week.  In a few days you'll be able to find their repositories, mailing lists, and issue trackers on the new site at <>.  Docs and files, and the mailing list archives will remain on the old site for another few weeks.  When we move those, we'll also put the redirects in place. 

Over the next few weeks Tonya and I will be going through the rest of the site and locking the rest of the projects, and then tagging them "unmigrated".  There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. Locking renders the project read-only and sends another email to the owners and prompts them to contact me if they missed the communication about migration. 

2. At the end we'll have a list of unmigrated projects, as well as the last time their code and documents were updated to publish on the new site. 

3. If there's something that obviously should be migrated but wasn't requested, I can contact owners and add them to the list myself. 

As we expect to have all of the active projects on the site locked by the end of the week, we'll be shutting down user registration here as well. 

Our CMS - editorial, blogs, wiki, forums, will stay put for now.  We're working on integrating this system with Kenai and expect to officially relaunch the new site with our new design in mid-February. 

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