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A Quick (Virtual) Trip to Portland (Oregon, US) to See What the PJUG Is Up To

Posted by editor on January 19, 2011 at 4:29 PM PST

Last night, at the Portland Java User Group's first meeting of the new year, Merlyn Albery-Speyer was scheduled to speak about Gradle, the project automation tool. Or, rather than speak, Merlyn's plan was to engage the audience in live experimentation with Gradle. In the preview for his visit, Merlyn wrote:

For this session, there won't be any slides. I'm also not going to stand up and talk at you. Instead, I'm going to rely heavily on your involvement. I'll start with an introduction to Gradle, and then very quickly go into using it in practice. After a few minutes of that I'll open it up to go wherever we're most interested in.

In other words, rather than summarize what Gradle is and what it offers, Merlyn's plan was to fire up Gradle on a computer, do a few quick demonstrations, then open up the floor. Merlyn wrote:

Do this ahead of time: What is your intention for the session? Spend some time deliberately focusing on what it is you want out of the session. Bring that will you and share it with us.

This approach is one that more people seem to be finding ideal for getting developers involved with, or introducing, unfamiliar technologies. For example, Java Champion Adam Bien has been giving what he calls "free Java EE hacking sessions" at various JUG meetings and conferences in Europe. It's something that he finds works out quite well.

About the Portland JUG

I came upon the Portland JUG from a simple search on Google. I believe the JUG leader is Jon Batcheller. At least, he is the person who has organized the monthly PJUG meetings for the past several years.

The PJUG site is fairly basic. The home page consists of a history of the presentations that were made at the group's meetings, dating back to 2004. Just browsing what was featured at the meetings provides an interesting historical overview of what's happened in the Java/JVM world in the past seven years or so.

The site also includes a Java Resources page, and you can browse the Portland JUG Mailing List Archives as well. You can also follow @PJUG on Twitter.

If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, consider attending one of the upcoming meetings (February 15, March 15, April 19, May 17). The January meeting was held at Oracle's Downtown Campus, in the Pacwest Center.

Java Today

The Silicon Valley Web JUG will be hosting Patrick Curran for a discussion on The JCP and the JUG Community:

Patrick will talk about the role of the JCP in the development and evolution of Java, and about the ways in which Java User Groups and their members can participate in the process. However, he's more interested in listening than talking, and hopes to engage in a constructive and mutually-interesting dialog...

The OTN Garage answers the question Where'd the Docs Go?

A few minutes ago, if you entered into your browser, you would have wound up in a outdoor supplies store. How boring is that? U. of Oregon 0, Unbridled Capitalism 1. If, on the other hand, you would have entered into your browser window, you would have gone to the old Sun documentation site. You know, the one that screamed this in big red letters...

Geertjan Wielenga has discovered National Security Simulations on the NetBeans Platform:

Sandia, a Lockheed Martin company involved with science-based technologies supporting US national security, has at least two applications on top of the NetBeans Platform. * Cognitive Architect. A prototype application developed by the Cognitive Systems group at Sandia National Laboratories1 to interactively construct or learn sophisticated information-flow-processing models from relevant data...

Arun Gupta looks ahead to Java EE Day @ JAX San Jose 2011:

After conducting multiple conferences, primarily in Europe, and some in other parts of the world, for many years, JAX is now coming to the USA as well. And that too right in the heart of Silicon Valley, in the downtown San Jose. The Call for Papers ends on Jan 21 and allows you to submit papers in several different tracks such as Java Core, Java Enterprise, JSF Summit, Web Tech, Agile Tools & ALM, Cloud, Mobile, and many others...


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We're also featuring Arun Gupta's entry on the "Stories" blog, CEJUG - Manage your JUGs using GlassFish:

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-- Kevin Farnham

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