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CodeFest '11 Promises New Contests, New Excitement

Posted by editor on January 23, 2011 at 1:04 PM PST

I just registered for CodeFest '11, the international coding festival organized by the Department of Computer Engineering, at the Institude of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IT-BHU, located in Varanasi,India). This is the second annual CodeFest. Last year's edition brought 2345 registrations, including 128 professions (most of the registrants are college students). CodeFest '11 as planned is "bigger and better":

Exhilarated with the phenomenal success of CodeFest '10, this year Team CodeFest has come up with even more challenging events, extensive technical coverage and prize money. CodeFest '11 shall not only seek to put your intelligence to test but also trigger out-of-the-box thinking. This year, we hope to augment this coding extravaganza. We can absolutely guarantee your programming satisfaction. Are you ready to embrace challenges and unleash the coder within you?

CodeFest doesn't test programming skills alone. Rather:

CodeFest is a unique fest wherein concepts of Mathematics, logic, Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, language syntax, etc. are required to be deployed in programming; these concepts manifest themselves in solving problems effectively and efficiently!

I first found out about CodeFest '11 from the event announcment that was posted on (India's Java User Group). Here's their summary of the online events that are part of CodeFest '11:

  • Manthan: An algorithm intensive programming contest that would
    require coders to tailor existing standard algorithms to solve real life
    computation problems.
  • Virtual Combat: An educational game wherein teams of programmed
    robotic tanks will fight the battles for glory. Codes Do
    Fight! Watch this out.
  • Perplexed: A programming contest, aimed to test the knowledge of
    C, wherein codes will be rewarded against syntactic constraints.
  • Ratespiel: A technical quiz covering different areas of Computer
  • This year CodeFest, in association with Technex'11, brings onsite
  • Eniac: An open software exhibition where you get an opportunity
    to demonstrate your software from any domain.
  • Code Warrior: A multiple round contest to award the title
    of 'ultimate computer geek'.

See the CodeFest FAQ for more details. While college students can participate in all events, two of the events ("Manthan" and "Perplexed!") are also open to professionals as well.

The first event starts this coming Friday, January 28, so if you'd like to participate, visit the CodeFest site and register soon.

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