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SouJava nominated for the JCP EC

Posted by brunos on January 26, 2011 at 7:41 AM PST


This week, Oracle officially nominated SouJava for an Executive Commitee seat on the Java Community Process (JCP), to each I have been indicated as the group's representative. Since then, I have received many e-mails, and started writing this lines several times but couldn't get too far... There is no simple messaging in regards to the JCP those days, and to even start, it means touching on all the large issues that are at stake, including Apache, Harmony, Android, OpenJDK, JSE, TCK, JSPA, open source, Oracle and everything else... Not surprising: the JCP is the crossroads where everything Java meet at some point.

So, I'll start simple and let all those issues for other posts...

SouJava was nominated for the JCP. The group is an important and active Java Users Group, based in São Paulo, Brazil, have a few tens of thousands members and host activities in several cities in the country. SouJava has been working with the JCP for a long time: it was the first JUG to join the program and has been promoting the JCP in Brazil for years. SouJava worked heavily to get the Brazilian Government to participate and recognize the importance of the JCP, and to get open source, standards and Java into the government agenda. SouJava pushed Brazilian developers to participate in the JCP and many of the group's directors have joined JSRs helping build the group's experience. SouJava is respected by developers, companies and government, and is part of the important discussions about software development in Brazil. Having helped connect the Java and the open source communities in Brazil, the group had an important participation on the open sourcing of Java. SouJava will bring its passion for the Java technology into the JCP to fight for transparency and participation.

As for me, I have been involved with the JCP for a long time. JCP's Patrick says that I'm one of the first individuals to join as a member, and I have participated in the backstage discussions of many of the issues that happened. I consider the JCP one of the most important cornerstones of the Java technology, Java's most important feature.

For a long time I felt at ease with the JCP, since Apache was part of the EC. Geir Magnusson is a long time friend, and the fact that he was fighting for the things I believe, made me feel that I had someone to defend my rights. I respect and understand Apache's decision to leave the JCP, but for me, once Apache and Geir decided to step down, I felt loosing my direct connection to the Process.

Personally, I see this as an opportunity to join the fight for more transparence and better developer participation in the JCP as well as working to make sure the Process respect the needs of open source communities. My discussions so far with Oracle make me believe that we are aligned on some of those issues, and it is clear we already agree on disagreeing in others. This is fine, disagreements are part of the process.

There are still many steps ahead: SouJava needs to run the election and receive the approval of JCP members. If the members understand our participation is beneficial, we'll need to get into the discussion and work out our proposals with Java developers. We understand will not be easy, and it is hard to make a difference. But the group is strong and independent, will not shy away from the discussions and hard decisions.

I'd like to thank all for the supportive e-mails. I'm really excited with the opportunity, and will do my best to deserve the support I have received. To be honest, I'm also a bit scared on the size of the challenge. I hope we can measure up the expectations.

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Kudos Brunos and best wishes

Kudos Brunos and best wishes for you on your new challenge.
I look forward to seeing your energy and enthusiasm brought to the JCP EC!!
Hopefully it will become contagious to all the groups and stimulate movement in a positive direction.


SouJava nominated for the JCP

The failure to provide an appropriately licensed test kit for Apache Harmony shows that Oracle cannot be trusted and was why Apache left the JCP after years of battling with Sun/Oracle. SouJava is just being used by Oracle to try to replace the credibility they lost when Apache left. If Apache couldn't get Oracle to respect the Process, then why do you think SouJava can succeed?