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Magnolia and ModeShape

Posted by rah003 on January 29, 2011 at 4:33 AM PST

 It had been a while since we started to test Magnolia with ModeShape. It took few changes in the code here and there and it would not have happened if not for a big help from the JBoss folk.

There were multiple obstacles we had to deal with. But as of Magnolia 4.4.2 and ModeShape 2.4.0 the things seem to be finally ready and you can download Magnolia configured to run with ModeShape as backing repository. By default it comes preconfigured with HSQLDB as a backing database, but there are also config files for running repo with MySQL or in-memory. If you feel adventurous, there is also guide on how to setup modeshape to be backed by the InfiniSpan.

With this release you should be able to get working Magnolia installation with Modeshape and use it as a base for your own setup. This release should be considered experimental and not used in production systems. And as an experimental release there are still some rough edged that need to be taken care of:

  • the performance using same backend db is lower compared to same setup with JackRabbit. Performance improvements are planned for the ModeShape 2.5 release.
  • Sometimes after restart it is not possible to log in, this might be also accompanied with the stacktrace in the logs about missing anonymous user account. Usually it is enough to restart the instance to fix it.
  • Also when shutting down the webapp, it might happen that ModeShape fails to close the sessions with registered observers. In such a care killing the process should make it stop without any side effects.

Also if you find out anything else not working in this release, please report it.



Any plans for JCR 2.1 ?

Any plans for JCR 2.1 ?