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Want to Cruise the Baltic Sea this Month? You're Invited. Seriously!

Posted by editor on February 4, 2011 at 3:20 PM PST

In the Northern Hemisphere's mid and northerly latitudes, for some of us it's been a record-setting winter (most snow ever recorded in a single month, where I live, in Connecticut, US). So, what would you say if you were invited to take a nice cruise across the icy Baltic Sea, at night, a couple weeks from now?

It turns out that if you live in Finland, and you're planning to attend Jfokus 2011 (14-16 February), you've got an invite to do just that! Mattias Karlsson pointed out this opportunity to me. I won't be attending Jfokus myself, but if you're going to be travelling to Jfokus from Finland, the Vaadin team invites you to voyage with them from Turku, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden, on the evening of February 14 (returning on the 16th).

It's not going to be just a party for shivering and hoping some flashes and wandering ribbons of Aurora Borealis come down and warm you up, either. About 35 developers from the Vaadin team will be on the cruise, and they've got a stimulating evening of Java-related activity planned. There will be more than three hours of presentations and networking as the cruise proceeds. The presenters include Arun Gupta, who will be speaking about "OSGi and Java EE hybrid applications using GlassFish"; David Chandler, presenting "Inside Google Web Toolkit"; and Vaadin VP of R&D Artur Signell, who will talk about "Recent Development and Roadmap for Vaadin".

If you'd like to attend the cruise, you can register at the Jfokus 2011 with Vaadin meetup page.

I wish I could attend Jfokus, and cruise the Baltic in mid-winter as well. Instead, I'll have to stay home and keep chipping away at the icicles beneath the ice dams that have formed on our roof this winter :(

Winter 2011, Connecticut, US. Photo by Dale Farnham

Java Today

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the long-term health and growth of the Community by enabling and encouraging
its members to act in an open, transparent, and meritocratic manner.” We’ve
attempted to define efficient, lightweight rules that are aligned with how
the Community operates today, under the interim guidelines...

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Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine talks about when we'll be able to start Running GlassFish on JRockit. Today.:

ACE Director and frequent blogger on all things Fusion Middleware Markus Eisele was recently wondering when GlassFish would be supported on the JRockit JVM. The answer is easy - GlassFish is supported today on JRockit. This was done as part of the extended platform support effort for the 3.0.1 release back in June 2010...

Fabrizio Chami investigates the Java Memory Model - Quick overview and things to notice:

In computing, a Memory model describes how threads interact through memory, or more generally specify what assumptions the compiler is allowed to make when generating code for segmented memory or paged memory platforms. It essentially describes, given a program and an execution trace of that program, whether the execution trace is a legal execution of the program...


Our latest href="">Spotlight is Shenkhar Gulati's developerWorks follow-up article, Introducing Spring Roo, Part 2: Developing an application with Spring Roo -

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