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Java User Groups News Snippets - February 23, 2011

Posted by editor on February 23, 2011 at 2:47 PM PST

I have a couple of Google Alerts set up, that do a pretty good job of forwarding links related to Java User Groups to my inbox. In this post, I'll highlight some of the news that's arrived in the past week.

JUG Online Presences

JUG meetings

Slides/Presentations from JUG Meetings

  • Feb 15, Lyon JUG, BPM & Bonita, presented by Mickael Istria

New articles, blog posts, posted by JUGs

There is of course much more news from the world's Java User Groups. These are just some of the items that my Google Alerts sent to me in the past week.

Java Today

Joseph Darcy continues his discussion of Project Coin: Trying out try-with-resources in the JDK -

As part of the "coinification" the JDK libraries, after first forging some diamonds, Stuart has been working on introducing systematic usage of try-with-resources into the JDK code base. Initially, this effort introduced try-with-resources in and in javax.sql; more changes are on the way...

Geertjan Wielenga talks about Co-ordinating JRadioButtons in the NetBeans Platform Toolbar:

I now have a solution for co-ordinating JRadioButtons (and, as a consequence, JCheckBoxes and their related menu item equivalents, as well) in the NetBeans Platform toolbar. In the screenshot below, there are three radio buttons in the toolbar ("Zoom In", "Zoom Out", and "Pan"), which work as one might expect...

Adam Bien describes How to Achieve 80% Code Coverage Fast and Painlessly - in Four Steps:

80% of code coverage is a common number expected by QA departments. Such a metric is relatively easy to achieve: 1. Test simple things first. The simpler, the better. 2. Don't use asserts. They don't influence the code coverage and just break the build....

Jacob Lehrbaum announces Mobile Developer Economics: Calling all Developers!

VisionMobile is currently soliciting feedback for the second edition of their popular Mobile Developer Economics report.  With the 2011 edition, VisionMobile is hoping to: "see how the dynamics of the developer world have changed since early 2010 and to provide more insights into app marketing, monetization and many other factors." If you have a couple of minutes...


Our latest href="">Spotlight is NetBeans Podcast #54:

NetBeans Community News with Geertjan and Tinu; NetBeans Dream Team member and Computer Science professor Andreas Stefik discusses SodBeans, a programming development environment for visually impaired developers; Jarda Tulach and the API design tip of the podcast: Dependency Injection...

We're also continuing to feature Markus Eisele's article, High Performance JPA with GlassFish and Coherence - Part 2:

In this second part of my four part series I'll explain strategy number one of using Coherence with EclipseLink and GlassFish. This describes the steps you have to take to configure a JPA backed Cache with Coherence and how you could use it from within GlassFish as a high performance data store...


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