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Welcome Home

Posted by sonyabarry on February 28, 2011 at 12:28 PM PST

Welcome Home!

The new is now open for business!

Since November we have been operating on two different sites, but as of today we are officially done with CollabNet and fully integrated and functional here. Operations are closed on the old site, which is entirely read-only now, and it will go dark shortly. They will be sending us one final snapshot of the entire old site so that we can easily resurrect any project that wasn't migrated in the last few months and pull it into the new site quickly.

As with any endeavor this big, there are bound to be a few things that don't quite work right at the beginning. We'll be working on fixing them all week. If you see something, please join the project and file a bug here:

Another change you may notice is that the site wide wiki is being deprecated. Since each project has it's own wiki we'll be moving pieces off of the old twiki and into the appropriate project spaces over the next few months, with the goal of taking the whole thing offline by June 1. If you want your web exported so it can be imported to your project, or if you need edit privileges for the next couple of weeks until we can get it exported, let me know and we'll take care of that immediately.

Finally, a huge thanks to all the people who made this happen. The Kenai team - Marco, J, Edwin, and Karen have been working insane hours to get this site set up for us, take care of enhancement requests that support our community infrastructure, import all of our projects, and answer all my stupid questions. The Cognisync team - Andrew, Brett, Frank, Karl, Marcus have completely rebuilt and improved on the content side of the site. Marcus did the redesign and has made major improvements to our support area for JUGs.

My assistant, Tonya, has done an amazing amount of work behind the scenes helping us get ready for the move and get us set up in our new home.

And finally, thanks to David Folk and Lea Wang who have moved on from Oracle now, but were instrumental in getting this project off the ground and moving it along so quickly in the last few months. We would still be sitting on CollabNet in limbo if not for their efforts.

I've been working on this migration plan in some form or another for about four years now. I am thrilled to finally see it happen.

Thanks again everyone!


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<p>Great job! Just a comment... some questions on the help ...

Great job! Just a comment... some questions on the help still points to Kenai, like How do I... change my email, name, or location? on
I know because I want to change my email ^_^

Whoops. That page shouldn't look like that anymore, but the ...

Whoops. That page shouldn't look like that anymore, but the way the site works is basically the same. When you're logged in, go here: and then choose "edit my profile" in the links in the left nav.