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2 Big Umbrella Project of Our Work at (now)

Posted by fthamura on March 4, 2011 at 5:36 AM PST

Just setup 2 Umbrella of our projects, and 13 projects for both. Meruvian and BlueOxygen, both with Chat. The rest project wil

Meruvian have chankillo, medallion, yama, midas.

BlueOxygen have Aero, Aroma, Cimande (the core), Gandharva, Genta, Lotion, Postila, Ramen, and Saphire.

Several that i love in this current (Bruno Souza said that this is kenai's feature).. mm i never use kenai anyway.. and hater infrastructure. 

1. Multiple Subversion

Glad that subversion in is amazing cool, support multiple svn for a project, so every blueoxygen project will have more than 2 repository, based on our cimande model, web based repo, android repo, blackberry repo, and bla bla (will add follow the core that delivered by our core dev team).

2. Project and Sub Project support Sub Project, so we can create umbrella of our projects, take a look

a. BlueOxygen 

b. Meruvian

3. Subdomain (outstanding)

we can use subdomain, like, but strange if we write, it forwards to, that is annoying, but  any one know how to make it.. 

4. Layout (outstanding)

Look at glassfish, there is layout different with current default, but still dunno how to use it.


Wish list

1. Forum In One Page for one Umbrella

I am glad if we can add a forum layouting, so we can put all the project with subproject's forum in one page, so we can make a total support, rather using one by one visit to every project.

2. URL based

I wish we can add our domain name to this project, like to the wiki.

3. security for every svn, so every member of project only access to X SVN from several svn that i setup. that is cool right.

My Model.

1. I remove the Wiki, chat, etc, because the community in subproject still low, so the umbrella have wiki, chat, and dedicated svn and general mailing list.

2. every project with their own svn.


Anyway, i am to much right ;) hehehe..




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3 Subdomain

3 Subdomain (outstanding)

Once you have added a "website" feature to the blueoxygen project and added an index.html to the webcontent the redirection will go away.
I would suggest to use with navigation and to also create a subversion repository for your webcontent and to add a webhook feature to your project get the webcontent updated from that repository.

4. Layout (outstanding)

Either just use the with navigation option only when adding adding the website feature to your project to use the default look&feel or use with_navigation together with the "custom layout" feature at your project and create your own customization fragments like glassfish does.

With the custom layout feature the layout is customized using a set of HTML fragments which are used in the layout templates. To see the available modules, click on the new custom layout feature in the "features" tab of the project. Modules are placed into a special directory in the website root directory, named "__modules". Disadvantage using the custom layout may be that you might loose the kenai generated default sidebar when using the custom layout.