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JSON JSR(pre JCP filed draft)

Posted by jitu on March 15, 2011 at 9:51 AM PDT

JSON JSR(pre JCP filed draft)

As announced earlier, Oracle wants to include a Java API for JSON in the Java EE platform. I have circulated the Java API for JSON JSR draft internally in Oracle. If you have any feedback, let me know. I will also reach out to few people(who worked on Java implementations for JSON) to support this JSR. The planned scope for this API is:

  • Produce and consume JSON text in a streaming fashion(similar to StAX API for XML)
  • Build a Java object model for JSON text using API classes(similar to DOM API for XML

Binding to Java objects(and vice versa) is out of scope for this specification. This may be considered for future revisions of the spec.

I don't have good acronym(JAX-JSON??, JAXSON ??, JAMJ - Java API for Modelling JSON, ...) for this API, let me know if you have some nice one !!


Hi jitu, There is already frameworks that do that ( ...

Hi jitu,
There is already frameworks that do that ( JACKSON, GOOGLE-GSON, JSON-LIB.... ).
In my opinion, there is lot of developer groups, having writing their own JSON frameworks.
It would be very usefull for the community, if there is a standard API doing that, like JAXP do for XML.
At least, Interface definitions...Implementation would be standard.

You can count on me, if you need help for this project.

Karim Duran

<p>I like this idea. Java&nbsp;do need a standared API for ...

I like this idea. Java do need a standared API for JSON.
I am interested to join the EG.

<p>I prefer, json-lib, <a ...

I prefer, json-lib,
But, it will be convenient to extend JAXB to support JSON along with XML, as daniel_manzke said.

Keep us posted!

JSON JSR(pre JCP filed

Sounds great. Please count me in. If this is still a draft for the proposal, would you at least mention me as Interested Party already:
- Werner Keil
Individual Member)
We use JSON in nearly every project here at one of Oracle's largest customers.
Although I don't know the stage of his JCP application, Raj from Chennai-JUG may also be interested in this, I'll drop him a note on the JUG pages.

JSON JSR(pre JCP filed

Jackson is the current gold standard for this. Why not include it instead of trying to re-invent the wheel? I love the POJO support.

JSON JSR(pre JCP filed

I agree with daniel_manzke that this should be a JSR for Java SE, not EE only, similar to the XML apis not limited to EE platform. Although the majority of clients needing to handle JSON will be in the browser, definitely there will be need for java code to consume JSON based web services.
I think a StAX style api (StreamReader and StreamWriter) is most useful.

JSON JSR(pre JCP filed

Java<->JSON binding would make this API more useful. How about JASON :-)

JSON JSR(pre JCP filed

Sounds good. I'd like to see it go further with binding of JSON to Java and vice versa, but I guess that can come later.
I'd be interested in following the reference implementation, keep us updated.

JSON JSR(pre JCP filed

This should be a SPEC for Java SE and not only EE. There are a lot of clients, which need such a Model/API. But why are the APIs for JAXB + JSON not working? Do we really need a new one? Maybe we should just extend JAXB.

JSON JSR(pre JCP filed is the best

esp the JsonFactory model, and also the parser vs generator

JSON JSR(pre JCP filed

fthamura wrote: is the best esp the JsonFactory model, and also the parser vs generator

You should also look at