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Two weeks in. Are things a little better now?

Posted by sonyabarry on March 15, 2011 at 10:40 PM PDT

I'm writing this from a hotel room at Caesar's Palace in Vegas. I'm here for The Server Side convention, and will be blogging about that for the next couple of days.

But first I wanted to give you a quick update on what's been happening. We had a rocky start, and I'm sure you noticed. Both halves of the site were pretty well tested, but the integrated site wasn't. We had a deadline to be off of our old servers and decided it was better to go when we did than be down for a few weeks to test. I think it was the right choice, but a painful one.

I hope you've seen massive performance improvements in the last week. You'll also start to see fixes from the next Kenai sprint, including bug fixes for project pages in IE8, some other template issues, and we're working on making the left nav a little more readable as well.

On the CMS side we're working on a funky bug that is having an impact on bloggers as our top priority. When that's fixed we'll be working on smaller enhancements and fixing a few things around the forums.

A longer term project on my plate is looking for someone at Oracle to take responsibility for some of the headless projects that used to be Sun-sponsored but have been running on autopilot for the last couple of years. Unfortunately the autopilot method is leaving a bunch of broken links. If you see a project in that state and get no response from the admins, please let me know via email or the feedback link (at the bottom of every page) and I'll add it to my list.

You can also file bugs and enhancement requests in the issue tracker in the project.

Tomorrow: Server Side, Day 1!

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Two weeks in. Are things a

With the weekly statistics broken (so far it has only shown 84 new projects), it would be better to not show it than give a misleading figure.

Two weeks in. Are things a

You're right. They are hand generated until we get some automation in place. I'll bug the guys to update those this week.

Two weeks in. Are things a

I am a new user on this site.Your site is too gud regarding contents/Blogs/Forums but UI(Layout/ Button alignments etc..) is not too good.As i registered on your site i thought once that it could be a fake/another local site.its a connecting global developers,Server issues are prior than UI issues for developers.So, Keep it up!!!!!

You should see some

You should see some improvement in the UI by next week. We're expecting to roll out updates in the 3/28 build.


Two weeks in. Are things a

Thank you for your efforts, but please do something for the font, it's really hard to read the pages.

We're QAing that now -

We're QAing that now - looking at switching from Myriad to Trebuchet MS. If it passes it will be on the editorial pages in the next day or two, and then in the next build on the forge side, within two weeks.


Two weeks in. Are things a

Speed is much better (congrats!), but IE support is still broken. I'm on IE8 and the 'login' button is partially obscured and the 'My Projects' page is all overlapping.

Two weeks in. Are things a


IE8 fixes are up on staging and going through QA this week. They should roll out in the 3/28 build in production.