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Source Code Viewer - My First Commit

Posted by fthamura on March 18, 2011 at 5:50 PM PDT
I like the "subproject" and JIRA, which now inside ( I am not using since it launched, sorry Sun). I prefer blog here, honestly this is not my main blog, my main blog at, Felipe asked me, to blog here, sad he has gone... I do it now, felipe.. u can see several feature that important in, before we think this can become ur play ground for continous integration.. wishing hudson also in features.. because I know, oracle love "#1" word, all must be "#1", 2 agenda inside oracle, the #1 in community relationship, and make #1 as the best dev platform, or #1 free continous integration platform. huhu... will it? ok, let see this feature, which u cannot get in, all hosted my cimande project. 1.'s View Repository a. the view source code is flat, but there is, b. there is screen shot repository, so we can add screen short of our work. bad of none.. a lot of features.. he have ideastorm. but why dont have subproject? wishing this feature in 2. Github.. IT has buildin AJAX based source code viewwer, and last trunk download, a lot of feature u must pay 3. Google Code This is my google code. simple, easy to register, but strange no community develop mobile version of google code , like for android, so we can monitor our wok in mobile, like JIRAClient like issue management,
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