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Scala IntelliJ Plugin

Posted by lifemichael on March 20, 2011 at 11:37 PM PDT

I have recently started to play around with the IntelliJ Scala plugin. Unlike the Scala plugin for the Eclipse IDE (Gallileo 3.5) I still haven't encountered any bug. You can download this plugin at

The first video clip explain how to develop a simple Scala application using the IntelliJ. The second video clip explains how to develop a simple Scala application that includes classes developed in Java.

If you happen to use IntelliJ Scala plugin I will be more than happy to get your thoughts. If you encounter with any difficulties following any of these two video clips please don't hesitate and post a comment. Please specify the exact minutes and seconds where you had that difficulty.

You can find my community free Scala course available at You can find many more video clips that explain how to develop in Scala and how to use the IntelliJ IDEA in my dedicated youtube play lists for these two topics. You can find more information about my professional commercial course about Scala at