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Find pages using any paragraph in Magnolia

Posted by rah003 on March 23, 2011 at 1:41 AM PDT

Somebody once said that the best ideas are the most simple ones.

Here comes one I had this morning when asked for example of page using this or that paragraph in Magnolia:

select * from nt:base where mgnl:template = 'stkTeaser'

Login to Admin Central, go to the JCR Queries, set target repository to website, limit result types to mgnl:content and type in the query above.
Of course, also replace the "stkTeaser" with what ever paragraph you are looking for and you are done. The result will list all the pages using given paragraph.

The one problem you might run into is that you actually don't know the name of the paragraph. Again the query comes handy here:

select * from nt:base where jcr:path like '/modules/%/paragraphs/%' and type is not null

In this case set repository to "config" and limit results to "mgnl:contentNode" type.


Hi, I have a request that is

I have a request that is not related to this post: A few years ago you made a demo application in which you could customize a JXBusyLabel and generate source code according to those customizations.
Here is the link to that blog post.
However, those links to the jnlp files do not work anymore! Would you like to make the demo available again, or post the code? It would help tremendously!

/ Ursus

Hi Ursus, all the code is

Hi Ursus,

all the code is and always was in jdnc incubator project ... somewhere in is the code you are looking for.



Hi Jan, Wonderful! Thanks a

Hi Jan,
Wonderful! Thanks a lot!

/ Ursus