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Java Conferences/Summits Fan Out Across the World

Posted by editor on March 28, 2011 at 1:45 PM PDT

I've been in contact with quite a few people recently regarding upcoming conferences (see the Events Calendar for near-term events). There are major conferences and events that will take place in the next few months around the world.

It seems to me that, in terms of conferences, Java is spreading out across the world, compared with what was the case just a few years ago. We no longer have just one big annual conference in North America (JavaOne, obviously) and one big annual conference in Europe (DEVOXX, I think, has filled that role in recent years). These haven't gone away, of course; but they are now joined by many smaller conferences, summits, etc. And these smaller conferences seem to be on a strong upward growth path. For example, Jfokus was the venue selected for announcing Java Champions Rickard Öberg and Jonas Bonér in February.

Here's a selection of some interesting events/conferences that are on the near-term horizon:

  • April 7, Mountain View, CA (US): The Continuous-Integration Summit, featuring sessions by Ivalyo Mihov of LinkedIn, Yoav Landman of JFrog, Hans Dockter and Ken Sipe of Gradleware, and HudsonCI creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi.
  • April 11-14, London, UK: JAX London 2011, "all about the Java ecosystem" - in just it's second year and already a premier Java event in the UK.
  • April 12-13, Moscow, Russia: JavaOne and Oracle Develop Russia - Oracle takes JavaOne on the road, following earlier events in Brazil and China.
  • May 10-12, Hyderbad, India: JavaOne and Oracle Develop India - the JavaOne road trip continues.
  • June 21-23, Zurich, Switzerland: Jazoon'11, "the International Conference on the Modern Art of Software."

Oracle, clearly, is part of this "spreading the wealth" of Java conferences across the world. The JavaOne on the road concept is wonderful, to me. But I think smaller conferences are springing up primarily because local Java communities are interested in attending them and presenting at them. It's not a top-down change we're seeing; rather, the source is from the ground up, from Java developers, wherever they live.

Java is a global programming language, with large communities of developers in many different countries. It really doesn't make economic sense, or logistical sense, for all the developers who would like to attend or participate in a conference to travel to other continents. The technology is accessible online, and expertise exists on every continent (except, I'd guess, Antarctica -- but, who knows???). It just seems natural for there to be more regional conferences, than for everything to be centered on one or two huge annual events. I'm glad to see this happening.

Anyway, I try to keep the Events Calendar up to date, but I also much appreciate help from the community. So, if you are sponsoring, or know about, a significant upcoming event in your region, and you don't see it listed yet on our calendar, please go to our Add Event form and enter it in. That will send the event to me, and once I see it I'll be able to publish it so it will appear on the live calendar. Weblogs

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