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200th NetBeans Screenshot Competition Extended through April

Posted by editor on April 4, 2011 at 4:20 PM PDT

The 200th NetBeans Screenshot Contest is a competition celebrating the diversity of applications that have been developed on the NetBeans platform. Currently there are 198 screenshots in the NetBeans Platform Showcase. Looking ahead to the 200th screenshot, last month Geertjan Wielenga organized a contest. The contest was originally scheduled to run through March 31, but Geertjan has just announced that the contest will now run through the end of April.

Geertjan has devoted considerable time and effort to discovering applications on the Web that show clear signs of having been built on the NetBeans Platform. Search for YANPA (Yet Another NetBeans Platform Application) on his blog, and you'll see links to a selection of his posts about his discoveries.

Figure 1. CCRM Radio Monitoring Toolkit Framework, an all-in-one Belgium-based radio monitoring platform.

In his latest blog, Geertjan features some of the screenshots that have already been entered into the 200th Screenshot competion. These span many different realms, from a network inventory application, to a military app, to engineering simulation, interior design, seismic wave processing, and various monitoring applications. It's quite impressive!

Like Geertjan, I'm sure there are many more fantastic NetBeans apps out there that could vie for the honor of winning the contest and becoming the 200th application screenshot in the NetBeans gallery. The prize includes a free NetBeans book of your choice, as well as a bit of free publicity for your app.

If you'd like to enter a screenshot of your NetBeans application into the contest, follow the submission instructions at the end of Geertjan's blog. Weblogs

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