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New Online TDD/BDD and Automated Web Testing Courses for Europe

Posted by johnsmart on April 20, 2011 at 3:06 PM PDT

Wakaleo Consulting is pleased to announce that we are bringing our popular TDD/BDD courses to Europe, in a convenient online format!

  • Fundamentals of Test-Driven Development in Java: This course covers both fundamental TDD/BDD practices, tips and tricks, and also how to apply them effectively with the latest Java tools, including JUnit 4.8, Hamcrest, Infinitest, Mockito and Spock.
  • Automated web testing with Selenium 2/Web Driver: Automated web testing is a hard and often frustrating task. However, modern tools and techniques such as Selenium 2 and Page Objects make it much easier to write efficient, robust reusable and maintainable web tests.

To get familiar with TDD practices, or even just to get everyone in your team onto the same page, start off with the Fundamentals of Test-Driven Development in Java workshop. This course take you through essential TDD techniques and strategies, and shows you how to make the most of JUnit's features to write your tests more efficiently and more expressively. The basic course program for this module is outlined here:

  • A gentle Introduction to Test-driven Development and Behaviour-Driven Development
  • Getting started with TDD
  • Continuous Testing in Eclipse with Infinitest
  • JUnit Kung Fu - Fixtures, Hamcrest asserts, Exception testing, Timeouts, Parameterized tests, Rule annotations, writing your own Hamcrest matchers...
  • Using Mocks and Stubs for state-based and interaction-based testing with Mockito
  • BDD-style unit tests with Spock
  • Refactoring best practices
  • Test-Driving Legacy Code

If you work with web applications, even complex AJAX ones, you will want to continue on with the Automated web testing with Selenium 2/Web Driver: workshop. This module teaches students how to write clean and robust automated web tests for any sort of web application with the latest generation of open source testing tools. The basic course program is outlined here:

  • Introduction to automated web testing
  • Introducing Selenium 2/WebDriver
  • First steps with WebDriver
  • Identifying page elements
  • Testing with Page Objects and Page Components
  • Testing AJAX applications
  • Working with Page Objects in other languages (Groovy,...)
  • Beyond Page Objects - bridging the gap between web testing and automated acceptance tests

Both courses are delivered in two, half-day sessions. You can access the labs from any machine - a Windows installer will be provided to set up a dedicated Eclipse environment for the labs (for other O/Ss, just ask). The next session times are as follows:

Fundamentals of Test-Driven Development in Java

May 31 and June 1 9am-1pm London time (10am-2pm CEST time) €495

Automated web testing with Selenium 2/Web Driver

June 2-3 9am-1pm London time (10am-2pm CEST time) €495

If you want to enroll, or have any questions, please get in touch.