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NetBeans IDE Advancement Continues with Version 7.0 Release

Posted by editor on April 20, 2011 at 8:50 PM PDT

NetBeans IDE 7.0 was released today. The Oracle announcement describes Version 7.0 as the "first integrated development environment to offer support for the forthcoming JDK 7 release" and says the "enhancements enable faster and more efficient application development."

You can download NetBeans 7.0, and to help you get started, several screencasts are available.

In addition to providing support for the Java SE 7 Developer Preview Release, NetBeans 7.0 also includes enhanced integration with WebLogic server, added support for Oracle databases and GlassFish 3.1, Maven 3, HTML 5 editing, a new GridBagLayout designer for Swing GUI development, Java editor enhancements, and more. View the NetBeans IDE 7.0 Overview screencast for more details.

As Oracle Tools and Middleware chief architect and senior vice president Ted Farrell said:

Oracle continues to enhance the NetBeans platform, providing developers with a feature-rich, open-source IDE for the creation of Java-based mobile, Web and desktop applications.

A year or two ago, we were wondering what would become of NetBeans once Oracle completed its acquisition of Sun. The answer's quite clear today! Weblogs

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