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Upcoming OTN Virtual Developer Days Will Focus on JSF and Rich Enterprise Applications

Posted by editor on April 25, 2011 at 5:54 PM PDT

The Oracle Technology Network will be presenting four free Virtual Developer Days in the next five weeks, with schedules tuned for the Americas, Europe/Russia, and Asia/Pacific. The title is "bringing JSF to the next level," with a focus on Rich Enterprise Applications. Here's Pieter Humphrey's introductory description:

JSF developers won't want to miss this virtual event about Rich Enterprise Applications -- which is all about a server side approach to Rich Internet Applications. By extending JSF with frameworks like Oracle ADF, enterprise developers can easily wire GUI widgets to enterprise services - anything from database data, web services, business process and workflow, LDAP user directories to Portal/Enterprise 2.0 services like blogs, social activity and collaboration services.

The Virtual Conference Agenda shows the conference occupying 4.5 hours. After a keynote address on Rich Enterprise Applications, there are three one-hour breakout sessions in each of five tracks:

  • Basic Track
  • Advanced Track
  • Hands on Lab Track
  • Best Practices Track
  • Enterprise Track

The breakout sessions are followed by a survey and event checkout.

Many of the sessions focus on the Oracle Application Developer Framework (ADF) Fusion Middleware. So this will be of greater value to you if you're working with Oracle middleware.

The first virtual developer day happens on Tuesday, May 3, 8:00-12:30 US Pacific Time. On Tuesday, May 17, the time shifts to be more suitable for developers in Eastern North America, Central America, and South America (8:00-12:30 US Eastern Time). The Tuesday, May 31 virtual conference is timed for developers in Europe and Russia (8:00-12:30 UK Time). And on Thursday, June 2, the timing shifts for audiences further to the East, in Asia and the Pacific (8:00-12:30 India Standard Time).

You can register for any of the virtual developer days right now. And, you can follow and tweet about the sessions on Twitter using the #OTNVDD tag. Weblogs

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