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JAX Innovation Awards Nomination Period Ends on Monday

Posted by editor on May 11, 2011 at 6:37 PM PDT

JAX Innovations Award nominations will close this coming Monday. So, if you'd like to nominate a Java technology, company, or ambassador, the time to submit your nomination(s) is now.

The mission of the JAX Innovations Awards is to foster the spirit of innovation in the Java realm, and promote cutting-edge Java technologies. The judges include:

  • RedMonk founder James Governor;
  • Canoo Engineering AG Fellow Dierk König;
  • JSF Central editor-in-chief Kito D. Mann;
  • S&S Media Chief Content Officer Sebastian Meyen;
  • Sao Paulo Healthcare Information System architect and Java Tools community leader Fabiane Bizinella Nardon;
  • Neward and Associates founder Ted Neward;
  • Creative Intellect Consulting Research Director Bola Rotibi;
  • Java developer, open source evangelist, and SouJava JUG leader Bruno Souza; and
  • Java technology journalist Darryl K. Taft.

The Brussels JUG notes that finalists will be announced on May 30, with online voting starting on June 1.

Again, the deadline for nominations for the JAX Innovations Awards 2011 is Monday, May 16. Submit your nominations to make sure they'll receive consideration by the judges.


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The results are in...the 2011 JCP EC Special Election has officially concluded, and final results are available on Thank you to all of the nominees for your interest and participation in the election and congratulations to the new JCP EC Members! SE/EE EC Ratified seats: Goldman Sachs, SouJava (both ratified) - term ends 2013. Open Seat Election: London Java Community...

We're also featuring Terrence Barr's Beyond Smartphones: Source Code + Video released -

Smartphones get a lot of attention these days, but feature phones running Java ME outsell smartphones by a 5x-10x margin and have an installed based measured in the billions, not millions. So, as an application developer or ISV, if you are going for the big markets, Java ME really needs to be part of your platform story...

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