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Trying to get caught up.

Posted by sonyabarry on June 1, 2011 at 10:16 AM PDT

I have started at least six blog entries in the last couple of months, and never finished them because I got too busy (most of my excuses), dumped a bottle of water into my laptop and killed it completely (at JavaOne in Moscow), and at least once I thought I saved it in Evernote but now I can't find it.

So. Here's a quick rundown of what's been happening:

First, the conferences. I had the great privilege to be able to attend JavaOne in Moscow in April and again in Hyderabad in India in May. That's a lot of hours in the air, and a pretty obscene amount of jetlag for me (11 hour time difference to Russia, 12.5 to India). The Moscow conference was hosted in the Russian Academy of Sciences, which has some of the coolest, weirdest architectural detail I've ever seen. Oracle Technology Network sponsored a "chill room" with a ton of beanbags and quiet space for attendees to stop for a while and get caught up on their email. Just outside the chill room we had our table. Michelle Kovac and I handed out hundreds of "I am the future of Java" t-shirts, Oracle pens, and Hands On Labs DVDs. The sessions were all in English and attendees were able to use simultaneous interpretation headsets. More than a few people assumed I was Russian, which I found a little funny. Everyone seemed to be excited about the content and there was really good traffic at all the demo booths. I noted that the group skewed significantly younger than JavaOne in San Francisco does. There were also more women in attendance than I've seen in the U.S. Still not many, but a noticeable increase.

Hyderabad was a little different, but just as great. We didn't have the space for the chill room. Instead we had a small community room on the third floor with mini talks scheduled throughout the day. Tori Wieldt and I spent most of our time in the OTN booth on the first floor. We gave away 3000 Hands On Labs DVDs in under 5 hours. It was crazy, but in a good way. I haven't seen the final numbers but I believe we were close to 3000 attendees. The OTN night party was incredibly well attended. Tori had her fifteen minutes of fame dancing on the stage. People came up to her often the next day to compliment her dancing. Attendees seemed happy with the sessions that were offered, and many of the rooms were crowded beyond capacity.

I'll be attending/working two more conferences in the next month. First is SouthEastLinuxFest in South Carolina. This conference was founded by our JUGs and Enterprise community lead, John Yeary. He's trying to pull in more Java content at the conference this year and Arun Gupta will be speaking. When I get back from South Carolina I'll be working the OTN booth at the second day of JAX in San Jose. In July I'm speaking at OSCON in Portland and will be trying to attend the highlight sessions in both the Java sub-conference and the Community track. After that I get to come home and breathe for a week or two before diving headlong into JavaOne San Francisco planning.

Since we decided to split it out from Develop, this year the main OTN presence will be at Open World at Moscone, but I'll be in the Community Lounge in or near the Hilton all week. We'll also be bringing in our site editor, Kevin Farnham, my assistant, Tonya Moore, and our main CMS developer, Frank Nikola. They will all be here a few days early to attend the community leads weekend meeting on Saturday.

That brings me updates.

This week we're working on putting together the specific features we want to have implemented and ready to show at JavaOne. I'll post the plan when we have it together.

Other stuff going on:

1. forums update - since the migration is complete and we now know who decided to stay, it's time to overhaul the forums a little bit. We'll be taking some unmonitored/mostly dead ones and making them read-only, I'm recruiting some new moderators to work in the spaces that I think we can bring back with some community support. The forums will probably down over a Friday night (pacific time, US) to get it all rebuilt and ready to go. The project space will not be affected at all.

2. Abandoned projects/communities - Several of the projects that were quietly abandoned by Sun before the Oracle takeover haven't been fixed up since the move. I've been getting a lot of complaints about it and have been trying to find people to take responsibility for the webpages at least so they can be used for a reference. A few of these have already gone online now, and anything I can't get support for in the next couple of weeks I'll start updating myself. In some cases that will involve a front page that states that Oracle is no longer supporting the project, but with pointers to a current fork.

3. Final migration wave - Collab delayed for several months in getting us the final data dump from the old site. The Kenai team is now in the process of downloading the data (10 days in and counting) and when that is done we will be pulling the last 70 or so projects that have been requested and doublechecking for some missing files that Collab doesn't appear to have sent the first time. Expect work to start on this sometime next week. There shouldn't be any site downtime associated with this project.

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