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Linking Nexus @ with Meruvian's Edu Program

Posted by fthamura on July 2, 2011 at 12:28 AM PDT

 has been a while since use Kenai, and of course, this is amazing a lot of things.

Has been several months, I never visit ... pitty me.

we move the JIRA now, still several project, we dont know how to move the current issues to current JIRA. anyone can help?

Now, have nexus that manage directly by Sonatype, thx to Juven Xu, that help me, esp testing several missing steps in my notebook, and i believe our first unworking snapshot in the now. He helps me until midnight, Jakarta time, shocked that he is from Sou Zhou, near Shanghai. That why our time near his time..

2 our core platform called cimande and yama, now in progress to become part of maven. We are ANT user since 2001, and now we use totaly Ant.. still confusing.. please review our first deploy in

54 kids now waiting to use this maven, as our education program, so this year the curriculums is changing again, we use maven, and we use our own nexus also. hope the ecosystem will start and replicated to MavenCentral.

We are working to make this archetype in the "right" deployment.