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Repositioning in Dev Ecosystem at Meruvian/Indonesia

Posted by fthamura on July 4, 2011 at 11:00 AM PDT

Hi, we just create a small diagram for our 2011 program, and 50 highschool kids learning this model, around 12 univ student and 6 lecturer from polytechnis in north sulawesi island, in the progress to evaluate this concept in real case.


The interesting of this project is to create Java development ecosystem, and we use 2 integration framework, called BlueOxygen Cimande under umbrella and Meruvian Yama under umbrella. both work smiliar, but Cimande using Struts2, and Yama using SpringMVC, both using Spring and Hibernate (we migrate to data nucleus right now), for DI and ORM.

Because the bandwidth in our country is expensive, we create a NEXUS server in every university, school that collaborate with us, in our case is UGForge (, a SourceForge like repository for source code (we are using SVN, anyone know to setup Git in Gforge, let me know). We also deploy Nexus there..

We also have our own Gforge in our office and our own Nexus.

Interesting point happen in this model, we dont have to copy all the Maven repo which is hugh and big, we use only component /library that we need, and we just replicate the repo from UGforge to our office.

The repo library from UGforge also open to be implemented in another institution, esp several island that have small bandwidth over indonesia, We setup another nexus  (OTW), in Gorontalo Polytechnics right now.. (, hope we can launch the name of the server soon.

An interesting implementation of this development lifecycle also we use internally for our internship management, called Mervpolis, hosted as

take a look our ilustration below.

Our homework right now, to make a project under blueoxygen can be deployed in hot deployment like playframework or plugin in openfire to the anyone know how to make it, let me know again.