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600 Attend the EGJUG's Java 7 Celebration, while Hundreds of Thousands Protest Across Egypt

Posted by editor on July 13, 2011 at 11:38 AM PDT

On a day when hundreds of thousands of protesters and activists filled Tahrir Square and other city squares across Egypt, the Egyptian Java User Group held its Java 7 launch event. From 11:00 AM through 5 PM on Saturday, July 9, approximately 600 developers and students participated in sessions and celebrations centered on Java 7, at American University of Cairo.

Oracle technology evangelist Simon Ritter travelled to Cairo despite the renewed protesting, and presented a keynote session titled "Java SE 7: The Java Language Evolves"; then, later on, he presented sessions on the Garbage Collector and JavaFX. EGJUG leader and Java Champion Ahmed Hashim and Ahmed Aly gave a talk about JUG-Africa and the JCP.

Ahmed posted lots of pictures of the event on the EGJUG's Facebook page. He said 1500 people registered for the event. Among the 600 or so who attended the event, Ahmed estimates that about 50-60% were students, the remainder professional developers.

For those of us who live in places where the streets are generally calm, the question of whether to attend developer events is merely one of "do I feel like attending?" We can only hope that someday soon, it won't be necessary for such decisions to include an assessment of safety and risk for members of the Egyptian JUG (likewise, for developers in other troubled nations).

Demonstrators rally in Cairo's Tahrir square [image from a story in The Australian]

Thanks again to Ahmed Hashim for founding and leading the EGJUG, and to all EGJUG members for building a vibrant organization that keeps moving forward despite the current tumult in Egypt. Thanks also to Simon Ritter for making the trip to Cairo, despite the fact that new major protests were suddenly erupting across Egypt. And thanks to Oracle for promoting and supporting Java 7 launch events and Java User Groups across the globe.


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