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SAP Developers Can Now Directly Contribute to the OpenJDK Project

Posted by editor on July 15, 2011 at 8:55 PM PDT

On the OpenJDK's Discuss mailing list this past Thursday, SAP's Volker Simonis posted a message titled "SAP Joins the OpenJDK." Going into the details of what has actually happened, Volker explained:

I'm really happy that as of today, SAP has signed the Oracle Contributor Agreement (OCA). This means that with immediate effect the SAP JVM developers can officially join the discussions on the various OpenJDK mailing lists and contribute patches and enhancements to the project.

Volker noted that SAP has been a Java source licensee for a very long time, and that they've previously ported the Sun/Oracle JDK to all 14 hardware/OS platforms that SAP supports. Volker concludes with:

I'm sure this move will be fruitful and beneficial for both, the OpenJDK community as well as SAP. Looking forward to working with you. Weblogs

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-- Kevin Farnham
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