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Posted by fthamura on July 17, 2011 at 1:23 AM PDT

 We just working with a little documentation for our internship and internal people inside Meruvian dan networks, for make a standard development. We use for presure because mostly our work is Java based, we think Android is also Java based.. :)

I am personally still dunno the repositioning about, where will move, and will it become the best Java development server in the world. Which we know Oracle is the lover of #1 slogan, #1 in every thing, u can see this word in Oracle OpenWorld, I saw this since 2007, when i visited first time in OpenWorld. Thx make me Oracle Ace Director, so I can feel that experience.

Become #1 is the ambitious thing, where in my personal positioning is try to "survive" rather "#1", even we know our JUG Indonesia is the most mainstream community for programming, and the program under it, one of the most fenomenal one and ambitious one.. even we know Oracle in emerging country like Indonesia, still sales with 3paybill. Sorry Oracle, that is the fact..

So, Java movement is like alone in a novoid (Ben10 dimension.. hehe), but glad the global positioning Java make it mainstream.

A lot of things inside are things that we use daily, esp Nexus, JIRA, and SVN (we still stupid in GIT, wanna to help??).

I am waiting the architecture of, esp ORacle said using Kenai, a cloud platform, using JRuby etc. this may be an intersting things, esp we cannot know the Google Code architecture, may be the system can become our reference to develop Java based solution, but we know. still no Java things like this blog in

That will be awesome if we can use account as FB like account.


esp in there is openjdk, the thing that we must monitor.. 


Right now, when i write this blog, i am in Kuala Lumpur, just visited Code Android Malaysia Gathering, and meet a lot of CEO, and shocked the "requirement here". I wont explain more lar.


so where do u wanna to go today? kekeke. i used microsoft's slogan.. :)


salam nasi lemak.



<p>Frans, hi!</p> <p>Could you please edit your post to ...

Frans, hi!

Could you please edit your post to improve its readability? My skills in English are weak and all these abbreviations like "u" does not make great economy but only leads to slight distraction of attention. Here are people from all the world and I think it would be better to insult them with slangish abbreviations.

To be honest, it is not even clear what you wanted to say. Though I suppose it is also because of my poor language knowledge. Could you please insert short "abstract" at the beginning of the post and then in few paragraphs add necessary thoughts discovering the full sense and reasons of this "abstract"?

I see that one of problems of is a lack of members communication activity (which leads to lowering of all other activities). I believe that is mainly because people have difficulty understanding each other... May we make some movements to overcome this?

sincerely yours,