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OSCON Java 2011 Looks So Good!

Posted by editor on July 20, 2011 at 3:44 PM PDT

The first OSCON Java takes place next week, Monday through Wednesday. Browsing the full schedule indicates to me that the conference has every likelihood of becoming an enduring part of OSCON -- provided enough people have signed up to attend. I hope the attendance is great (the program deserves that); unfortunately I won't be there myself to cover it in person this time.

The program itself is very impressive. If I was there, I'd surely want to attend sessions like:

and many others (my typical problem at conferences is conflicts where at a single time there are several sessions I want to attend). Oh, and the above list includes only sessions that take place on Monday. OSCON Java has two more days to go beyond that!

I hope to attend OSCON Java next year. But this year, still will be represented at the conference: Community Manager Sonya Barry is attending both OSCON Java and the main OSCON conference. So, if you look, you may see her in the OSCON Java hallway or session rooms. She'll also be presenting as part of the OSCON Community track on Friday at 10:00 AM: Lessons from the Migration: Managing an Open Source Community through Major Change. If you're signed up for the full OSCON, consider attending Sonya's session! Weblogs

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