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Communities in Emerging Country and Hard Selling

Posted by fthamura on July 25, 2011 at 2:15 PM PDT

 Indonesia (and I believe in most the emerging country and less educated country -- of course corrupted country--) is the hard selling country, i know this model from my friend who lead the milions dollar sales business, a local brand that become of the strong brand in the country. U can see his ads all over the city where I stay, Jakarta, and I dare non technology, except may be Sun has only one ads in near Gatot Subroto Street, years ago.

Like or not the software industry, where i stay here, and try to get the cake, in last 10 years of community development, i just met Microsoft, in that time Risman, founder of .NET User Group and now Director of DEP in Microsoft Indonesia, the only serious company in community development, years we fight, and in last 2 years we share pain of development. 

Strange thing, .net opportunity more strong in another country near here, like Malaysia and Singapore, Where is Java? esp most of the country speak OpenSource, but can we trust their goverment. I visited Kuala Lumpur, mostly citizen there speak about smiliar like what we talk here, Corruption. Risman said that .net community now one program with MUGI, which i see in several cities still active vs the JUG that getting less active, including JUG Indonesia where i found. The Java big aura still in uncertain, esp with no clear direction of Java insire Oracle, J7 is a milestone for next Java, but we agree that J8 is the new start.. mmm still years to wait.

Interesting happen also here, esp after one vocational highschool change the "Oracle Academy" becomes "jTechnopreneur", basically it is a rebranding version of JENI program from our goverment, which also dead-end. But the program also still not a mainstream, because the ministery that related to education still in transformation, and more-more people from there go to jail because corruption.

Strange thing happen, in most of the country near here, people asking all programmer, .net or Java, and i can see several companies growing, but i am also get the different behavior of subsidiary, esp in both Malaysia and Indonesia, where i am working on now. Strange, how can they different. esp the companies related to Java.. u know whom..!!

Can hear the real community program in this region, esp for news short press release in media, show me the name of the manager.

Please also compare the community event (ApacheCon, EclipseCon), mostly in Europe and America, but we know Asia Pasific is the biggest place for human stay, i believe almost 2/3 all human stay in that area.

My head said that, develop this area is like develop monster? is that right? that why mostly vendor doing a hard selling, less total education, and in our country, vendors + goverment success create a shifting education, putting a lot of their product as main educaiton program, and because only doing a short term press release in media, in several years back, the output getting worst. Who will be blamed for this? the direct impact of course the implementation of their product. Can hear a scalable implementation in last 5 years in this country? why are they not massive? if the education is the program to create massive expert.


Should we the community leader work by our self, and in several case compete very hard with a program that vendors create, esp the brand holder. to create a better ecosystem?


I still dont get how a hard selling business, can grow community?