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Month of java in Bahia

Posted by otaviojava on July 26, 2011 at 5:48 PM PDT

Beyond being merely a computer programming language, Java is the most widely used software platform in the entire world. There is a large number of various software solutions that were developed using this technology. Without many people being aware, Java is present in our daily lives in embedded technologies like blue-ray discs and a countless number of sites on the internet that were developed using this technology. Despite all the marketable qualities, the main advantages do not lie in the language or in the platform, but in strongly organized and reliable community around the world. The "Month of Java" takes place in July and is recognized in many places around the world. The objective is to talk about Java as a language aswell as a platform.

Soujava no TDC 2011

In Salvador, the event was organized by JavaBahia of the Bahia user group. The event took place on Saturday, July 16 at the FIB. The event was attended by Bruno Sousa (the javaman), and Roger Brinkley who is a member of the leadership of Java ME comunity.

The Java celebration event consisted of three lectures, the first talked about java 7 and the future of the language made by Roger Brinkley. Next the javaman spoke about Java in the cloud (also known as cloud computing), which is nowadays moving into the market . Last of all, Roger talked about Java fx 2.0.

Beyond the lectures there were some funny moments that took place with javali, for example the open jdk mascot, was talking about Java 7 and the open jdk reference implementation, and "the monkey code" involved, causing lots of laughter from the audience.



At the end, shirts were delivered for all the participants of "The Month of Java". The event in Salvador was important because, besides bringing in some of the greatest speakers in the world, there was also the great presence of the Bahia's community.


Month do java:

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