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New Article: Nadine McKenzie Shows How to Streamline JSF Development with Facelets

Posted by editor on July 27, 2011 at 8:17 PM PDT

We've just published a new article by Nadine McKenzie titled Streamline JSF Development with These 3 Facelets Must-Knows. Facelets is a project that resides within the GlassFish realm.

Nadine must have a cat or two, and she also clearly enjoys word-play, because she begins her article with:

Facelets offers a powerful way to organize and streamline JSF development. When a cat is thrust into the air, it magically lands upright and safely on its feet. Sadly, this is not always the case with software especially when tinctured with aggressive timelines and insufficient requirements. Facelets is to JSF what the magic is to the cat and can help avoid a CAT-astrophe.

It's a good analogy. If only we, as developers, were given adequate time to actually program the best solution -- so many future problems would be eliminated! Unfortunately, as Nadine says, we generally don't enjoy that freedom.

In the article, Nadine shows how Facelets can come to the rescue for JSF developers, providing three must-knows that will assist you in developing JSF applications more efficiently, so you can more easily meet those aggressive timelines. The three must-knows show you how to:

  • Leverage ui:decorate
  • Simplify Form Field Validation
  • Get Form Fields Under Control with ui:include

Streamline JSF Development with These 3 Facelets Must-Knows is chock-full of code examples, with figures that show the result -- just the thing you need if you want to get started with a Facelets project of your own.

In conclusion, Nadine says:

Facelets is replete with features that speed up development. To discover other interesting features please visit Weblogs

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