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Experiencing OSCON Java from Afar (for Those Who Didn't Attend)

Posted by editor on August 3, 2011 at 1:39 PM PDT

It's becoming clear that if you didn't attend OSCON Java, you missed something special. In his post OSCON Java Makes a Difference, Stephen Chin called it "one of the greatest Java events since the collapse of Sun." On OSCON Java Day 2, JavaWorld's Athen OShea opened a blog post with: "O'Reilly's OSCON Java in summary so far: Good crowd, high quality sessions, and an unbeatable rock star to attendee ratio." That same day, Community Manager Sonya Barry said:

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the show so far. It's always difficult to kick off a new conference, but I think O'Reilly nailed it.

The great majority of us, of course, didn't attend OSCON Java. But that doesn't have to stop us from experiencing some of the key events that took place there. In addition to the blog posts I quoted above, Tori Wieldt posted OSCON Java: Already Great just before the conference began, discussing the weekend events that preceded the conference, and providing quotes overheard at the OSCON Java Speakers Dinner. After the conference ended, Arun Gupta, a conference speaker, published his OSCONJ 2011 Trip Report.

Harold Carr provides a day-by-day depiction of his week at OSCON (including OSCON Java) in a five-post series:

Moving on to videos, O'Reilly created an OSCON 2011 playlist on YouTube, that includes (as I write this) nine videos from OSCON Java:

InsideHPC has also published a video recorded at OSCON Java, Interview: Martin Odersky on Scala.

OSCON Java presentations are beginning to show up on the OSCON 2011 Speaker Slides & Video site. Toby Crawley has separately published his OSCON Java TorqueBox Presentation slides.

Finally, if 140-characters is all you can digest at a sitting, there's the #osconj Twitter feed.

So, even if you weren't able to attend OSCON Java 2011, with all of the above, you can surely occupy yourself for hours experiencing it from afar -- while you start planning your attendance at OSCON Java 2012 (July 16-18, Portland, Oregon, US). Weblogs

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