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Pictures and News from Java 7 Launch Celebrations across Three Continents

Posted by editor on August 6, 2011 at 9:50 PM PDT

Following up on my post about Java 7 launch events hosted by Java User Groups around the world, here are pictures and news from additional events, this time from three continents.


We start our journey in Uganda on July 8, where Richard Zulu reports "We had a good attendance and new faces, which was an indication of the developers love for Java." Duke Daniel Odongo posted a gallery of photos from the event.

JUG Nagpur, Nagpur, India

Two days later and 5000 km to the east, JUG Nagpur (India) held their Java 7 launch event. Tushar Joshi posted a picture album.

FASOJUG, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Six days later (July 16) and 8000 km to the West (back to Africa) one of the newest Java User Groups in the world, FASOJUG, held its Java 7 launch celebration in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Thanks to FASOJUG co-founder Drabo Constantin for reporting on the event.


5500 km to the North, on the day Java SE 7 was formally released (July 28), Estonians held their celebration. Anton Arhipov captured the event in a picture album.

ICEJUG, Iceland
Possibly simultaneously (a mere 2000 km to the West), Iceland's ICEJUG celebrated the Java 7 release. Reynir Huebner reports that while "there were not as many attendees as I wanted, but lot of people are gone away on summer vacation. Still a nice crowd attended, everyone got a t-shirt and I gave the Java7 talk - in Icelandic of course, and it was very well received. We had a good Q&A session, and I feel people here are excited to start using JSE7."

Bangalore Open Java User Group (BOJUG), Bangalore, India

This edition of our Java 7 release celebration journey ends 9000 km to the South-East and three days later, back in India, with the Bangalore Open Java User Group's event. Thanks to Ranganath.S for capturing the event in photos. Weblogs

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