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New Project Opens the Next JCP "Release" to the Java Community

Posted by editor on August 14, 2011 at 1:39 PM PDT

JSR 348 (Towards a new version of the Java Community Process) has a new public home on, the JSR 348 ( project. In his recent blog post, "Using the Process to change the Process", JCP Chair Patrick Curran invites the Java community's participation in JSR 348 and the project:

We want your input, particularly now, during the Public Review period. Please visit us on where you can learn how to participate. Subscribe to the Observers alias, review our issues, browse our meeting minutes, download the drafts of our new documents, and provide your feedback through the Issue Tracker. See you there!

The JSR 348 project on is a subproject of the jsrs project, which itself is a subproject of the top level jcp project on

It makes a lot of sense for JSR 348 to be the first JSR that has a full presence on As the project introduction states:

Since one of the main themes of JSR 348 is transparency, and since it will require that future JSRs be run in a transparent manner, the Expert Group has committed to running this JSR according to those requirements.

We will therefore discuss our business in public, publish all of our working materials and meeting minutes, and track issues in the open.

Interested members of the community are invited to join the Observers mailing list, engage in public discussions on the new JSR 348 forum, and review documents from the JSR 348 Document Archive. There's also a JSR 348 JIRA issue tracker where you can record or comment on issues and track their progress.

If you're interested in participating in, or following, the creation of the next edition of the Java Community Process, joining the JSR 348 ( project is a great way to get started. Weblogs

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