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What is your expectation of Java 7 release?

Posted by malcolmdavis on August 20, 2011 at 10:56 AM PDT

Neil McAllister makes it seems to like Java 7 is a death trap.

I took a Fortan class back 1983 for Mechanical Engineering. Sometimes things just didn't work. I got a B in the class because I didn't understand that just because the code is correct, that does not mean you get the output you expect. There was a compiler in the way, and the compiler will produce incorrect results sometimes. Part of understanding programming is discovering the limitations and issues of the compiler and moving forward.

I recall having a discussion with Bruce Eckel about Microsoft & Borland C/C++. It was amazing the number of defects, compiler and linking issues existed in the products shipped by the big C/C++ languages manufactures and used in production environments. Sometimes these products caused fatal computer issues.

Amazon, the statue of fortitude, dependability and performance, had issues when Lady Gaga released an album this year. Not only did Lady Gaga cause Amazon issues, but many developers like me that have production EC2 environments were impacted, and we heard from our customers.

McAllister is yelling that the sky is falling about a compiler error in the premier release of Java7 Anybody that has done programming for any length of time, or dealt with Java or Microsoft products in the past, understands there will be issues. Even Eclipse IDE still has copy and paste issues on certain platforms.

Oracle has always struck me as a corporate warehouse and not some effigy to software engineering. The Oracle image is only re-enforced when bugs show up. However, I don't know many production developers jump on a products premier release (I have 12-month rollout schedule for Java7), and I'm sure developers know how to change a compiler setting./p>

Each year the level of expectation has grown, however if a user see's a bug, does that mean the entire program must be buggy? What is your expectation of Java 7 release?

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