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Multi-Templating with JSF 2 : The Prototype

Posted by lamine_ba on August 28, 2011 at 10:24 AM PDT

Revolution is only the next step to Evolution


Here we are, Yes ladies and Gentlemen, Here we are. After having shared the story with you, here is the presentation of the prototype of the multi-templating system of JSF 2.2. Meanwhile, an application has been deployed worldwide with google app engine and below are the instructions on how to use it both remotely and locally. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this concept and as always we value your comments.

How to use the application remotely?

  1. With your browser point to this url : to display the home page and because of the configuration below,
    1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    2. <web-app>
    5. <context-param>
    6.         <param-name>javax.faces.view.TEMPLATE</param-name>
    7.         <param-value>rockstar</param-value>
    8. </context-param>
    11. </web-app>

    the rockstar template is selected


  2. If you want to select another template, click on the templates link to display the templates list.

  3. Point your cursor on the name of one template to see its thumbnail or click on it to select this template
  4. Wanna see the templates gallery? click on the gallery link to display it. To enlarge a thumbnail, just click on it. To select a template, click on the name.
  5. To finish, you have an about link to show the About page which says that the JSR 344 EG is working very hard to give you an outstanding new version of JavaServer Faces. So please, be patient and be ready to check it out once available..

    Multi-Templating System

    Author(s): JSR 344 Expert Group
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: JSF 2.2
    Description: Change the look and feel of your JSF applications.


How to run the application locally with maven and the embedded glassfish plugin ?

  1. With svn, check out the application at this url :
  2. With maven, run mvn package embedded-glassfish:run to deploy the application
  3. And finally with your browser point to this url : http://localhost:8080/app/


Ladies and Gentlemen, we wish you a nice try and undoubtedly, Reuse is the only way to speed up development and boost productivity. Be sure that soon we will move to a higher concept like Application as a Template...

rockstar.PNG401.66 KB
templateslist.PNG458.47 KB
daydream.PNG864.64 KB
gallery.PNG193.5 KB
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If you want to see this in JSF 2.2, please vote for the corresponding issuetracker issue: