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JavaZone 2011 Swings into Action This Week

Posted by editor on September 4, 2011 at 12:09 PM PDT

The tenth edition of the JavaZone conference takes place Wednesday and Thursday this week in Oslo, Norway. Close to 2,500 people are expected to attend the 2011 conference, which has seen steady growth in attendance since its origin as a Sun Microsystems event in 2002. The JavaZone 2011 entry that eirikma posted to the Events Calendar describes JavaZone as:

the biggest meeting place for software developers in Scandinavia, and one of Europe's most important... JavaZone is a high-quality JUG-organized event with 7 parallell tracks and no boring sponsor talks or the like. It is held downtown Oslo, with great parties across the local pubs just behind the venue.

The About JavaZone page adds:

Over the two conference days, we deliver more than 200,000 hours of expertise. In addition, many informal discussions take place at stands and between attendees. Altogether, JavaZone stands out as a tremendous arena for knowledge transfer.

The JavaZone 2011 program includes sessions presented by quite a few people you're probably heard of, including Neal Ford, Simon Ritter, Tim Berglund, Mattias Karlsson, Dick Wall -- and lots of sessions by other people who undoubtedly are well-recognized in the Scandinavian/European Java community.

You can join 218 people who follow @JavaZone on Twitter, and/or you can like JavaZone on Facebook (663 people already do). Weblogs

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