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The Java Desktop at JavaOne 2011

Posted by editor on September 21, 2011 at 6:43 PM PDT

Our recent poll indicates that the JavaOne "Java SE, Client Side Technologies, and Rich User Experiences" track interests many developers who will be attending JavaOne or following it from afar. In this post, I take a look at JavaOne's Java desktop content.

If you're attending JavaOne, you've probably looked at the schedule and found yourself disappointed that you can't be in two or three or four places simultaneously. That's been my experience, as I've used the JavaOne Schedule Builder. Turns out that, looking solely at the client side track, the problem of wishing you could be in multiple places simultaneously isn't much mitigated! A total of 94 sessions are in this track -- and, no, you can't fit 94 sessions into a mere four days -- hence, the times for the sessions overlap, and overlap, and overlap...

The client-side sessions cover JavaFX 2.0, Swing, animation, GWT, JAX-RS 2.0, JSR 321 (Trusted Computing), collections, Alice, Griffon and Groovy, GroovyFX, the JDK 7 desktop, FXML, visualization of geomaps, and more. But the core focus is JavaFX.

Right now, I'm planning on attending James Weaver's "The Return of Rich-Client Java":

JavaFX 2.0 and Java application deployment technologies are enabling the return of rich-client Java. This session brings the attendees up to speed on the JavaFX 2.0 API and best practices for developing rich-client applications with it. It also presents application deployment strategies that are palatable to users who expect applications to be available from Web pages. Along the way, it also explores best practices for coding JavaFX applications, including property binding capabilities and a declarative programming style.

The complete list of JavaOne sessions is available in the JavaOne Content Catalog. If you won't be attending JavaOne, and there is a specific session you wish you could attend, let me know what it is, and, if I can, I'll attend it on your behalf, and blog about it. I'm overjoyed to have a full conference pass this year, and I'd like to use it to the benefit of the and broader Java community.


Our current poll asks How long into the future will developers be writing new apps using Java? Voting will be open until September 30.


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