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(Re-)Experience JavaOne 2011 at

Posted by editor on October 11, 2011 at 4:39 PM PDT

It's clear that I'm not the only one who considers JavaOne 2011 to have been momentous in many ways. If you weren't there (and, of course, that means more than 99.9% of Java developers), or if you were there and missed more than you saw (was anything else possible?), you can (re-)experience some of the key technical sessions by visiting the JavaOne 2011 section on

During the Community Keynote on Thursday, October 6, Stephan Janssen, founder of Parleys, the Belgian Java User Group (BeJUG), JavaPolis, and other organizations, took the stage for a few minutes to talk about JavaOne 2011 on He said that eventually about 40% of the 400 or so total JavaOne 2011 sessions will be available on Parleys. The current sessions count is approaching 20, and the rest will be published at a rate of about three sessions per week.

So, what exactly is a Parleys rendition of a JavaOne technical session? What sets it apart from, say, downloading the PDFs from sessions from the JavaOne 2011 Content Catalog?

Having access to the conference presentations is great (and it's excellent that so many presenters have already put their presentations up onto the Content Catalog site -- for example, more than half of the presentations in the Core Java track are already there). But, with Parleys, you experience the presentation as though you are there attending the session. The Parleys rendition includes full audio as you watch the slides. Furthermore (something you can't get from the Content Catalog), Parleys records the live demos that are part of the presentations.

All of this is presented in a very friendly UI:

You can easily navigate through the presentation, download the presentation for off-line viewing using the Parleys Desktop client, or get the code to embed the presentation into another web page.

As I write this, 17 JavaOne 2011 presentations are available in the JavaOne 2011 space, including several of the JavaFX sessions, Joe Darcy's "The Heads and Tails of Project Coin," Adam Bien's "Rethinking Best Practices with Java EE 6," Geertjan Wielenga's "How to Refactor for Java 7" -- and lots more.

Parleys is a great resource that captures the essence of a momentous JavaOne 2011 conference. In doing so, it will ultimately be a fantastic reference on the state of Java circa October 2011. Weblogs

Since my last blog post, several people have posted new blogs:


Our current poll asks for your response to the prompt The most important news from JavaOne 2011 will be / was related to. Voting will be open until Friday, October 14.


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    -- Kevin Farnham

    Twitter: @kevin_farnham

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